JC’s Weekly Top 20 Power Rankings! (11/9/16)

The Survivor Series teams appear to be locked in as we are now less than two weeks away. RAW took a big step backward this week, after having a strong week last week coming off Hell in a Cell, and SmackDown was very meh to me. This was a tough week to rank because it was an extremely poor product overall.


  1. AJ Styles (Last Week – 1)

The champ that runs the camp kicked off SmackDown with yet another solid promo and there is no doubt that he is still the top guy.


  1. Kevin Owens (Last Week – 4)

The Universal Champion, and one of the co-captains of Team RAW, is finally closing in on the top spot in my rankings. Owens got the big win this week in the Fatal 5 Way main event on RAW… even if it was by accident. Owens needs to be booked strong and they are doing that right now.


  1. Dean Ambrose (Last Week – 3)

The lunatic fringe and James Ellsworth continue to be a fun pairing for me. I still am hesitant about Ellsworth long term, but for now I am still enjoying it. Ambrose didn’t do anything to drop this week.


  1. Charlotte (Last Week – 2)

The RAW Women’s champion was pinned by Bayley in a tag match this week after being hit with a Bayley-to-Belly. The women’s promo before the match was rough because the crowd just wasn’t having it. All they wanted was Bayley. Charlotte struggled to turn it into heat until the end. Not the week I was hoping for her after the great performances recently.


  1. Roman Reigns (Last Week – 5)

THE guy is still being treated as , well, THE guy. Reigns hit a superman punch that dropped Kevin Owens on Chris Jericho for the pin, but the United States champion continues to be a focal point of RAW. Until that changes he will likely hang around the top of this list.


  1. Seth Rollins (Last Week – 6)

The architect was named by Stephanie McMahon as the final member of Team RAW and says he was made some promises in the process. That is at least a nice little wrinkle to make us believe some of the motivations on these teams. Rollins looked strong in the Fatal 5 Way main event and appears to still be in the main event picture for the time being.


  1. Braun Strowman (Last Week – 8)

Monday Night ROAR focused on the big man a ton this week and I thought Braun shined. He is finally being treated like a top level star and it appears he will play a major part in the Survivor Series match. Week after week Strowman continues to be one of the best parts of RAW and continues to rise in these rankings.


  1. Chris Jericho (Last Week – 7)

Y2J continues to entertain with THE LIST and on the mic both in the ring and backstage. He took another pin on RAW, but he is still without a doubt a top 10 guy based on his comedy alone.


  1. Sasha Banks (Last Week – 9)

The Boss returned to RAW this week and was announced as the final member of Team RAW. Her promo skills are still not up to snuff, but she was able to end the “Hey Bayley” song by actually acknowledging it allowing the segment to move along. Not really sure where Banks is headed now that she once again lost the title, but she is still a top 10 talent at this point.


  1. The Miz (Last Week – 14)

You may see this jump and wonder wait, why? Well if that is your reaction then you did not watch Talking Smack this week. The Miz did not speak, he had Maryse do that for him, but yet again his feud with Daniel Bryan continues to be great. The Miz asked for a trade to RAW and it looks like we may be getting it if he is unable to win back the Intercontinental title next week.


  1. Bray Wyatt (Last Week – 12)

The eater of worlds continues to move up my rankings. I am enjoying this new era Wyatt Family featuring Randy Orton. Bray feels like he matters again and I expect him to continue to rise as long as Orton is by his side.


  1. Becky Lynch (Last Week – Not ranked)

The Irish lass kicker finally got back into the ring this week and retained her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss. Although the finish was not completely clean, it is nice to see Becky back in action. I hope her momentum continues as she gets built back up to where she was before her illness.


  1. Dolph Ziggler (Last Week – 13)

Not much happening here but Ziggler stands pat at 13 as we head towards Survivor Series where he will defend his Intercontinental Championship versus Sami Zayn.


  1. Randy Orton (Last Week – 15)

Orton is a full fledge member of the Wyatt Family right now and I am still digging it. I still do not expect this long term beyond Survivor Series, but it is a nice swerve which I think elevates all parties involved.


  1. Alexa Bliss (Last Week – 18)

Alexa Bliss jumps up in my rankings this week despite tapping out to Becky Lynch on Smackdown. Alexa dominated most of the match and will be getting another title shot soon, likely at TLC, because of the controversial finish. Bliss is doing a lot of nice things right now and earned this spot.


  1. Bayley (Last Week – Not Ranked)

The women’s segment this week was mostly hijacked by the crowd who serenaded Bayley the entire time until Sasha Banks acknowledged it to the appeasement of the crowd. Bayley then got the pin on Charlotte in a 6-women tag match continuing her rise to the likely new #1 contender for the RAW Women’s Championship.


  1. Sami Zayn (Last Week – Not Ranked)

Sami Zayn defeated Rusev to earn an Intercontinental Title shot at Survivor Series against Dolph Ziggler. It is about time they found something meaningful for one of the most popular RAW superstars to do. Zayn vs Ziggler will likely be the show stealer at Survivor Series and hopefully this is the start of a push for Sami.


  1. The New Day (Last Week – 16)

The costumes again were about the only interesting thing New Day did this week. I kept them ranked based on name value, but man, their act continues to nose-dive.


  1. Rusev (Last Week – 11)

The Bulgarian Brute continues to get buried week after week. He lost in a fairly quick match to Sami Zayn failing to qualify for the Intercontinental Title match vs Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series. Rusev is my guy, but another week like the last 2 and he may fall completely out of my Top 20.


  1. Rich Swann (Last Week – 20)

Can you handle this? Rich Swann now has two straight pins over the Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick and appears to be the next man up with TJ Perkins likely on the shelf. Swann just has it and I hope we start to get a storyline for him in the coming weeks.

Fell from Rankings: Goldberg, THE Brian Kendrick, Cesaro & Sheamus



  1. I don’t think Orton deserves to be in the list.

    1. jcanu1 says:

      Is it because you are not digging the storyline? Or is it that you already consider him a lackey and not as important? Also, in a week of so much bad who do you think deserves to be ranked instead?

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