JC’s Weekly Top 20 Power Rankings! (12/28/16)

2016 is coming to a close. RAW finished with more of the same, while SmackDown had some shocking new champions and an incredible show to close the year. There are certainly a lot of young and exciting superstars who have found their way in 2016 and who appear poised to continue their ascent in 2017. 

JC’s Weekly Top 20 Power Rankings! (12/21/16)

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line was predictable and a lackluster effort overall. One surprising return and some new champions did add some intrigue as we turned to RAW, which had some very strong segments, but SmackDown once again put out some phenomenal television although I am getting concerned about the constant title matches every week….

JC’s Weekly Top 20 Power Rankings! (12/14/16)

Another strong week of WWE programming as both RAW and SmackDown were solid shows. Lots of new number one contenders, and some big title matches, as we prepare for yet another PPV on Sunday. This time it is RAW’s turn to take the Sunday spotlight at Roadblock: End of the Line.

JC’s Weekly Top 20 Power Rankings! (12/7/16)

TLC was a great way to start the week with two new champions crowned and a surprising turn in the main event! Quick note: The Wyatt Family will be ranked as one entity for the time being (this includes Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and Luke Harper). I’ll be honest, I have enjoyed the past two…

JC’s Weekly Top 20 Power Rankings! (11/30/16)

A quick note before we get started: since Goldberg did not appear on WWE TV this week, and likely won’t for a while, he will be left off these rankings for the time being. This was a fun week of wrestling with two solid matches to end RAW, another strong SmackDown, and the first ever…