Monday Night ROAR!: Why Braun Strowman deserves to be WWE’s “next big thing”

WWE has always been “the land of the giants.”

There’s a rich history of legendary big men who were ridiculously successful in WWE, like the Undertaker, Kane, Big Show to name a few.

But for all the successful ones, there’s also disastrous ones – I’m looking at you Nathan Jones, Great Khali and Giant Gonzalez.

That’s why I was a little skeptical when Braun Strowman made his debut as part of the Wyatt Family on August 24, 2015 without having a single televised match under his belt.

His run with the Wyatt Family was. . . underwhelming. He even won Rolling Stone’s “Wrestler of the Meh” Award in 2015

Then the WWE Draft rolled around and he was on his own.

Great. . . Here comes the push for another big man who is greener than The Hurricane’s cape.

Well, that big man proved me – and A LOT of other people – wrong.

Now he’s the most must-see attraction on Monday Night Raw, and he deserves it.

Here’s why. . .



Everybody loves a powerhouse. (I mean, one of the bigger moments in WWE history was Brock Lesnar F-5ing the Big Show.)

Pure strength was the thing Strowman caught WWE’s attention in the first place. (He told Stone Cold the most he bench pressed is 585)

Strowman (real name, Adam Scherr) is a former strongman champion, even winning the Arnold Amateur Championship in 2012.

His pure strength makes his character all the more believable when he is able to toss 200+ pound men around with no problem, and lift +300 pounders with relative ease.

As he continues to get more reps in the ring, he has learned how to make these moves look all the more impactful.


When Husky Harris was originally called up I remember them saying “he’s a tank with a Ferrari engine” about a million times.

I think this statement describes Strowman even better.

Instead of lumbering around like the Big Show has been the last couple of years, Strowman flies around the ring like a man half his size.

But the thing that surprised me the most was his ability to do a a kip-up, something that’s virtually unheard of for a man his size.

That type of agility separates him from all the big men that failed before him.


When you think of Braun Strowman, you don’t exactly think “Mr. Personality.”

But, it IS there.

Listening to his appearances on the Stone Cold Podcast and Talk is Jericho (especially the Talkin’ Shop episode), Strowman is well-spoken and has a ton of charisma. Once he feels comfortable with promos – and they have a reason for him to talk – he’ll thrive.

But for now, him running around yelling “FOLEY!” is enough.


It’s really hard to believe that Strowman wrestled his first match on December 19, 2014.

And looking at the strides he’s made in such a short amount of time, it’s a testament to the endless amount of potential Strowman has.

If he keeps improving at this current pace, he will quickly elevate himself to heights rarely seen by a big man in WWE. Vince is probably salivating at the idea as we speak.

What’s next for the “Monster Among Men?” Undoubtedly a “monster” push – especially if he’s able to take down Roman Reigns at Fastlane. And he certainly deserves it.


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