David Arquette over Goldberg as Universal Champion? He likes the idea

“What are we going to do with David Arquette as our champion?”

Famous last words for WCW.

In 2000, actor David Arquette had a 12-day reign as WCW Champion. He even defended the title once!

“It was like being a little kid living a dream,” Arquette said in an interview with in 2016

Unfortunately it’s not remembered as fondly by wrestling fans.

Now, I’m not a Goldberg guy. I’m REALLY not a fan of him taking the Universal Championship from Kevin Owens. So after the 50-year-old won the title, I unveiled the following on the Twitter Machine.

The former WCW Champion apparently likes the idea.

David Arquette_Tweet.jpg

But here’s a serious question to chew on: When is Arquette going into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Since they unveiled the “Celebrity Wing,”personalities like Drew Carey, Mike Tyson, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Snoop Dog have been inducted.

Unlike most of the celebrities that have gone into The Hall, Arquette actually made a lasting impact on the business – even if it wasn’t all positive.