How to fix the Smackdown Tag Team division in three easy steps

The Smackdown tag team division is a wasteland (Get it? It’s an Ascension joke). The whole division feels like filler on the “A-show” when it could easily be one of the better segments.

The way they utilize the group sometimes makes you forget they’re even there.

It’s time to make the Smackdown tag team division great again!

Here’s how they can do it in three easy steps. . .



Let’s take a quick look at the division.


Have been relegated to jobber duty since high-profile feuds with Enzo/Cass and The New Day. If they’re not going to do something with them in the tag division, it’s time to give Aiden English a chance on his own.

The Ascension

Another team that hasn’t been able to successfully transition to the main roster. They booked them as a decent threat heading into Elimination Chamber, but that didn’t last long.


They’re really shining in the comedy role as the fashion police, but they’re not going to be much of a threat with that gimmick.

Slater and Rhyno

Slater was the hottest thing going out of The Draft, but things quickly changed when he won the titles with Rhyno. Being a champion should be a good thing, but they were rarely used before losing to the Wyatts.

The Usos

Really the only legit threat to the tag team champs on the Blue Brand. Their heel turn was perfect, but the lack of TV time for the division really hurt them.

American Alpha

They’re the champs, and that’s not exactly a good thing right now. When they were drafted to Smackdown it appeared WWE had big plans for the duo of Jordan and Gable. They were misused for the longest time before surprisingly winning the titles from the Wyatts. Now they defend the titles sparingly – unless it’s tag team turmoil!

Who could be “the new guys?”

The obvious answer is arguably the best tag team in NXT, The Revival. For MONTHS we’ve been waiting for “The Top Guys” to make their debuts on Smackdown to (pun intended) revive Jobbersville, AKA the tag team division. But WWE has yet to “SAY YEAH!” and give the division the shot in the arm that it needs.

Another option is The New Day. Kofi, Big E. and Xavier Woods have been doing NOTHING since their reign as champions ended on RAW. They are even getting the ultimate “we have nothing for you,” being named the hosts of Wrestlemania. We can all agree that New Day needs to be freshened up a bit, and a brand move could be just what the doctor ordered. They would also give the division an established team to do battle with American Alpha, the Usos, and The Revival.



When in doubt, go with a tag team turmoil!


Just throwing together matches doesn’t work.

We want to see Smackdown build some storylines to advance the characters like they’re doing with every other division.

Show old video of Alpha’s background to help us understand why we should be supporting them. Bring us to The Wasteland and explain why we should buy in to The Ascension being monsters. Take us back to Slater’s house and have him be desperate for the title again.

Seriously, Smackdown has a VERY diverse group of interesting characters in tag teams. They need to use that to their advantage.



I know Smackdown is only two hours, but come on. GIVE. THEM. TIME. On a weekly basis The Blue Brand does a great job fitting World Title, Intercontinental and Women’s title feuds. But where’s the love for the tag team title?

They could easily cut second or third tier storylines and give it to the tag teams to help further develop the division.

When we do see the tag teams it’s just thrown in there. There’s no better example than this past week’s head-scratcher of a main event between Alpha and the Usos. The match was a giant middle finger for the people who enjoy tag team wrestling. It was a tease that they were going to actually use the division correctly, then they used a double-box to update the Shane McMahon situation. That’s fine to do, but the match was in the smaller box! It really showed how they feel about the division.