JC's Power Rankings

JC’S Weekly Top 20 Power Rankings (03/22/17)


RAW had some strong segments, but it was the blue brand which won the week. The first hour plus of SmackDown Live was fantastic storytelling and wrestling. The last few segments were mostly misses in my book, but overall the show was very strong two weeks away from WrestleMania.


  1. AJ Styles (Last Week – 1)

I’m doing it again because Styles is that damn good. The feud between AJ and Shane was once again the focal point of SmackDown and closed the show. Styles remains atop my list.


  1. The Miz & Maryse (Last Week – 2)

No changes here either. The Miz & Maryse provided some fantastic satirical material mocking John Cena and Nikki Bella in multiple segments this week. Bravo, just bravo.


  1. Bray Wyatt (Last Week – 3)

The WWE champion stands pat as well this week. I liked the backstage segment with the use of all the extras in goat masks to show Bray’s power. This feud has lost a little steam for me, but there really isn’t much more to do, so I am fine with it.


  1. Chris Jericho (Last Week – 13)

Y2J had one of the strongest segments on RAW this week in the Highlight Reel. The story he and Kevin Owens are telling is one of the strongest as we approach “The Ultimate Thrillride” and I expect this match to kick off the show and get us going.


  1. Triple H (Last Week – 5)

The COO of WWE was back at it on the mic this week on RAW. Was he long winded? Oh absolutely, but that comes with the territory when dealing with Triple H. I am still very interested in Triple H vs Seth Rollins in whatever capacity it may be. Next week’s segment I expect to be strong as we approach WrestleMania.


  1. Randy Orton (Last Week – 6)

The viper got a big win over Baron Corbin thanks to a Dean Ambrose distraction on SmackDown. Orton also gave Ambrose a nice nod to thank him for the help. I am curious to see what the final piece of this puzzle is next week in the final SmackDown before WrestleMania.


  1. Roman Reigns (Last Week – 9)

The leader of the Roman Empire was about to beat Braun Strowman again on RAW when The Undertaker’s music hit. Reigns-Taker is a candidate to close the show at WrestleMania this year because it is that big of a draw. The story is lackluster since Undertaker is hardly ever there, but the name value alone is selling this match.


  1. Braun Strowman (Last Week – 10)

Monday Night Roar is getting fainter by the week as we approach the biggest show of the year. That is obviously a major letdown, but that is what happens this time of year. Strowman seemingly will play a role in the Roman Reigns-Undertaker match and that could be a good thing for the Monster Among Men. If he isn’t going to be featured in singles competition, might as well have him play a role in one of the biggest matches on the card.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

  1. Kevin Owens (Last Week – 11)

KO and Samoa Joe continue to work together as Owens looks to win the United States championship from Chris Jericho. I like those two teaming up and think it could develop into a bigger storyline post-WrestleMania. Regardless, Owens is still doing his usual solid work right now.


  1. Seth Rollins (Last Week – 4)

The architect was kept off TV this week as he continues to recover from his injury. Next week a big segment is planned for Rollins and Triple H as we learn the status of their confrontation for WrestleMania. It is time for Rollins to launch himself back into relevance and I think this feud will do that.


  1. Austin Aries (Last Week – 14)

I am digging all of the A double lately and I want these rankings to reflect that. A cruiserweight has never been ranked this high, but Aries deserves it.


  1. Neville (Last Week – 15)

The King of the Cruiserweights also deserves to be high on my rankings. Both Neville and Austin Aries are performing at an elite level right now and I hope they get the time to show out at WrestleMania.


  1. Baron Corbin (Last Week – 17)

The lone wolf had a solid match against Randy Orton on SmackDown. Corbin lost thanks to a Dean Ambrose distraction, but he will get his shot to win the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania.


  1. Alexa Bliss (Last Week – 12)

Alexa Bliss stood tall in a segment for the first time in a long time in what was a very rushed women’s segment. Regardless, nice to see the SmackDown women’s champion booked strong as we approach “The Ultimate Thrillride.”


  1. Sami Zayn (Last Week – Not Ranked)

I thought Sami Zayn had a huge bounce back week on RAW. He cut a fantastic promo at the beginning of the show and had yet another solid match with Samoa Joe. Nothing is officially booked for Sami at this point, but I would expect another match with Samoa Joe to make its way onto the WrestleMania card.


  1. John Cena & Nikki Bella (Last Week – 8)

I like many of you am not enamored with this pairing on screen because they are pretty hate able together. That being said, this feud is supah hot fiya so they deserve to be ranked.


  1. Brock Lesnar (Last Week – 16)

The beast incarnate is inching closer to his rematch with Goldberg at WrestleMania. This match has been hard to hype with the champion absent from TV. If Brock is fighting, people are watching so it might not even matter at this point.


  1. The Usos (Last Week – Not Ranked)

Your NEWWWWWW SmackDown Tag Team champions are the Usos who have been here since “Day One-Ish.” The match between the Usos and American Alpha was one of the better matches of the year so far and again makes me question why these teams have been so invisible on SmackDown. I am excited for a potential rematch on the pre-pre-show of WrestleMania.


  1. Samoa Joe (Last Week – 18)

The destroyer continues to do just that as RAW continues to highlight Joe’s strengths. His major role is not set to happen until post-WrestleMania, but for now Samoa Joe continues to establish himself on the main roster.


  1. Goldberg (Last Week – 7)

Another week off for the WWE Universal champion. What an absolute joke this is. The biggest show of the year is approaching and you get nothing from your champion. Great example to set for the locker room.



Fell from Rankings: Mickie James, Becky Lynch