Matt Hardy’s identity crisis is making his WWE character more intriguing

Since the Hardys’ massive return at Wrestlemania we have yet to see the full-blown #BROKEN character that put the Hardys back on the wrestling map.

In fact, we haven’t really heard a lot from the Hardys at all.

And that’s okay.

I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed at first when the Hardys did a post-Wrestlemania interview and it was plain, old Matt responding to questions.

Was the TNA lawsuit causing WWE to stay away from the #BROKEN character? Probably.

But a tweet from Matt’s wife offered a glimmer of hope for fans of the character.

What has developed since has me even more invested.

While not fully #BROKEN, Hardy is starting to show cracks.

In recent weeks, Hardy’s Twitter name and info have been bouncing around from the different gimmicks he has used throughout his career. The most used have been #BROKEN and Version 1, including Monday night when he changed it to “I WILL NOT DIE” and “ICONIC.” (After I wrote this post he changed it AGAIN to #BrotherMoore).

If you take a look through his timeline he can be see tweeting “Xtreme outlooks,” “Matt Facts” like he would when he was the leader of “Mattitude,” and bestowing #BrokenBrilliance on his followers.

He has even sent out consecutive Tweets with the same core message in his different personalities.

When called out by a fan, Hardy acknowledged there was “conflict” within.

This type of thing shows the great amount of care Hardy has for his character, emphasizing little details even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

But the “conflict” has also been creeping into his character on television with the use of body language. Once again, Hardy was called out and he addressed his internal battle.

It remains to be seen where WWE and Hardy will go with the character, but it’s pretty clear the two sides have something in mind with the subtle teases.

Where do YOU think they’ll end up going with the #BROKEN One? Let me know on Twitter.