I want to care about the Universal Title, but it’s not easy when it’s MIA

The Universal Champion is supposed to be the face of RAW.

Well, the face of RAW hasn’t shown his face since the night after Wrestlemania.

That’s right, we haven’t seen Brock Lesnar since April 3rd when he and Braun Strowman got us all excited about a monster feud in the near future.

That’s okay.

I think we’ve all come to terms with the fact that Lesnar is a part-timer and we’ll only see him in person every now and then.

But I don’t think anyone expected him to take the title go MIA all the way until July.

No title match at Payback.

No title match at Extreme Rules.

Yup. . . that means by the time Lesnar puts the title on the line at Great Balls of Fire, it will be a whopping THREE MONTHS since the title was last defended.

That’s a problem for me.

Give me something, ANYTHING, to remind us why we should care.

Have Paul Heyman march down to the ring explaining why Lesnar isn’t wasting his time coming to RAW because no one is on his level.

Give me a video of Lesnar sitting at home watching RAW, laughing at some of his potential competition. to the rule saying the title had to be defended once every 30 days?

What bothers me the most: What happened to the rule saying the title had to be defended once every 30 days?

They pulled that card with the Miz (did they think we’d forget?) in the last year, they should do it again. . . with a twist.

Picture this. . .

In the month leading up to Extreme Rules, Kurt Angle starts talking about how he’s going to strip Lesnar of the title if he doesn’t defend it at the upcoming PPV.

Paul Heyman arrives the next week on Raw and says, “If you want your precious title, you’ll have to take it from my client, and you won’t try it.”

The following week a camera follows some sort of authority figure (Jamie Noble, Fit Finlay, or someone like that) up to Canada to Lesnar’s house to physically strip him of the title.

Lesnar decimates him and the cameraman for coming into his home to try to take the title away from him.

They can suspend him, whatever you want to do.

There are probably a million different ways for WWE to remind us that Lesnar at least exists. Give us something.

Have an idea of how to keep the Universal Title in the picture without Lesnar actually being in the building? Tweet me at @DQoftheJK. I’ll add your ideas to the bottom of the post.