Five WWE prospects who have grabbed attention with a gimmick adjustment

Jinder Mahal’s huge WWE Championship win at Backlash once again proves that a talent can come out of nowhere to become a superstar in WWE.

By no means is anyone on this list the next WWE Champion, but here are five prospects who have caught my eye with a simple gimmick adjustment.

Apollo Crews


It’s no secret that Apollo Crews is one of the best athletes in WWE. But since his call-up to the main roster in 2016, the 29-year-old showed little charisma.

But since he reluctantly joined forces with Titus O’Neil, the Titus Brand has launched Crews to new heights. The dynamic between the two is really entertaining with Titus carrying the load on the mic while Crews gets a spotlight to shine in the ring.

Andrade “Cien” Almas


WWE didn’t do Almas any favors having his debut match against one of the most “over” talent in NXT, Tye Dillinger.

Things quickly turned sour for the former Luchador, who struggled connect with the audience despite his stellar in-ring work.

His heel turn spiced up his personality, transforming him into an arrogant, hard-hitting character in the ring.

In recent months he has put over Aleister Black and Drew McIntyre, but with a potential pairing with Thea Trinidad (aka Rosita in TNA) as his valet has me intrigued.

Drew McIntyre


After he was released by WWE, Drew McIntyre told Chris Jericho on his “Talk is Jericho” podcast that he’d go out on the indy scene, prove himself and return one day.

When we last saw McIntyre in WWE he was playing air guitar with 3MB. Now he’s back to being the badass Scotsman that was once labeled as Vince McMahon’s “chosen one.”

He is currently on a roll, and is poised to dethrone Bobby Roode as champion.

Tyler Breeze


Tyler Breeze’s first foray into disguises didn’t go over so well (go ahead and Google “Breezy Bella.” I’ll wait right here).

But they may have figured out something good after the “Breezy Bella” incident.

The “master of disguise” gimmick in addition to “The Fashion Files” has made Breezango a hit. They’re probably going to be out of the title picture after a shot against the Usos, but they’ll surely continue to be entertaining.



Lana was great as a manager, but now she’s re-debuting as a wrestler. . . with a dancing gimmick.

I’m really intrigued to see how the new gimmick is received by the WWE Universe.