JC's Power Rankings

JC’S Weekly Top 20 Power Rankings (05/31/17)

Extreme Rules is THIS Sunday on the WWE Network, but man oh man has WWE programming been brutal lately. This week’s RAW and SmackDown shows were once again sub-par with not a lot of strong segments. Let’s hope that RAW can find some storylines with their upper card, because right now it is lame. SmackDown has been unable to find its groove since the Superstar Shakeup and I am not as excited for Money in the Bank as I should be. But let’s get down to the rankings!


  1. Jinder Mahal (Last Week – 1)

Ask yourself, “what is the most interesting thing in WWE right now?” The answer is Jinder Mahal. No need to take him out of the top spot.


  1. Roman Reigns (Last Week – 4)

THE GUY is shooting back up these rankings where he belongs. A big win over Seth Rollins gives Reigns a lot of momentum heading into Extreme Rules.


  1. Finn Balor (Last Week – 13)

Making this list is very difficult this week because after the first two it feels like I’m reaching off a cliff to try and find someone to put here. Balor is the only one that makes sense for me. He looked great in that triple threat match and is building a ton of momentum. I fully expect him to win the Fatal 5 Way and challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Great Balls of Fire.


  1. Bray Wyatt (Last Week – 2)

The eater of worlds took the pin this week, but I am still finding myself loving his work. I hope they find a good storyline for him going forward and he would still be my ideal pick to challenge Brock Lesnar.


  1. Kevin Owens (Last Week – 5)

The new face of America is must-see television every week. His facial expressions alone during Nakamura’s entrance are enough for me to keep him in the top 5 this week.


  1. Shinsuke Nakamura (Last Week – 17)

The artist known as…ugh, I still hate that…but Nakamura has momentum heading into the ladder match in a few weeks and has slowly been climbing up the ranks.


  1. Dolph Ziggler (Last Week – 14)

Ok, I admit this seems ridiculous, but you saw how bad this week in wrestling was. Dolph had a great week. He beat AJ Styles clean in the main event of SmackDown and re-living his best career moments on Talking Smack was a highlight.


  1. AJ Styles (Last Week – 6)

This is BY FAR the lowest I have ever ranked AJ. I still love him, but he is losing every match he is in right now. This might not be a bad thing, however, because my expectation is that AJ Styles or Baron Corbin will win the briefcase. But for now, AJ drops.


  1. Alexa Bliss (Last Week – 7)

The “This is Your Life” segment was absolutely brutal. Alexa is always great, but whoever the f*** thought that was a good idea should be suspended. The minute I saw it I got nervous because that is one way to derail one of your hottest commodities on RAW right now. SHAME ON YOU RAW CREATIVE!


  1. Breezango (Last Week – 10)

Fandango and Tyler Breeze have been the highlight of WWE television the last month and their Fashion Files are continuing. These guys are must-see every week and I am glad that they will still be featured despite the return of The New Day.


  1. The Hardy Boyz (Last Week – 12)

All they do is win, win, win, no matter what, but I am fine with that as long as it leads to eventual loss to THE REVIVAL!


  1. The Miz (Last Week – 8)

That 6-man tag was useless like much of RAW and gave Botchamania a ton of material. I still love The Miz despite a poor week.


  1. Dean Ambrose (Last Week – 11)

Not much to add to what I just said above. I expect Dean to lose his title this Sunday.

Usos SD Champs

  1. The Usos (Last Week – 16)

This duo has been consistently good no matter they have been doing and it will be nice to see them on TV each week now that they are working with The New Day.


  1. Shesaro (Last Week – 9)

I am still digging them, but still not thrilled with the Steel Cage match set for Extreme Rules.


  1. Becky Lynch (Last Week – 19)

I love the Lass Kicker, and she has been a strong point of this up and down women’s feud going on for the Blue brand.


  1. Charlotte (Last Week – 19)

The Queen had one of the best spots of the week power bombing Natalya through the announce table on SmackDown. That’s enough to make this list.


  1. Baron Corbin (Last Week – 15)

The lone wolf does not have much momentum heading towards the Money in the Bank ladder match, but as history proves, momentum is not necessary to win the briefcase.


  1. Seth Rollins (Last Week – Not Ranked)

I do not enjoy baby face Seth Rollins, but he gets props for that awesome match with Roman Reigns on RAW. It meant absolutely nothing, but it was a great match.


  1. The Titus Brand featuring Apollo Crews (Last Week – 20)

One of the strengths of RAW the past month has been this storyline centered around Titus O’Neill and Apollo Crews. In a three-hour show, this is a nice break up from the monotony and something I am now looking forward to weekly.


Fell from Rankings: Randy Orton, Neville, Naomi