Drew McIntyre is living Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” with WWE

Throughout the history of literature and cinema, authors have used Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” or “monomyth” as a template as they tell the story of a protagonist as he travels through a transformation. There are 17 steps in the Campbell’s original template, but it has been modified over time. As Drew McIntyre stepped into the…

PODCAST: Money in the Bank fallout, return of Braun, Enzo and Cass breakup

Nestlemania and JC talk about Carmella and Ellsworth lighting the world on fire, the return of Braun Strowman, fallout from Money in the Bank, Enzo and Cass breaking up, Miz getting his entourage, and much more!

Why Carmella’s Money in the Bank win was perfect

  The women of WWE have been kicking down the doors and breaking barriers the past few years as they continue their long journey to booking equality. On Sunday night the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank match took place and kicked off the show. What ensued was met with anger and complaints from…

JC’S Weekly Top 20 Power Rankings (06/07/17)

Extreme Rules has come and gone for the RAW brand with Money in the Bank on the horizon for SmackDown Live. Brock Lesnar finally returns next week, so expect him to rejoin the rankings then, but for this week he will not be on this list. Lets get into it!