Five WWE personalities who have potential to be great managers

Whenever a talented in-ring worker just doesn’t cut it on the mic, many find themselves saying, “man, if only they had a good manager.”

The manager was somewhat of a lost art until a few years ago when WWE saw the return of Paul Heyman, the amazing pairing of Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, and let’s not forget the arrival of Rusev and Lana.

Here we are in 2017, and there’s a ton of potential great in-ring talent, plenty of opportunities for new managers if WWE chooses to go in that direction.

We’ve seen some encouraging signs recently.

Thanks to Titus O’Neil and the Titus Brand, Apollo Crews’ WWE career is starting to gain a little traction.

And it’s hard to ignore the big impact WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering is making with the Authors of Pain as they continue to gain experience in NXT.

Here’s five WWE personalities who would be great managers in WWE. . .

5. Summer Rae


Nestlemania and I will definitely disagree on this one.

I think she’s pretty good on the mic. Nestlemania drew the ire of Summer’s fans when he said she was “terrible” on the mic.

If they’re not going to give her a chance in the ring, give her a chance as a manager. I mean, her stuff as FCW GM was pretty entertaining

4. Corey Graves


I feel like it’s only a matter of time before Corey Graves steps out from behind the announcer’s table and becomes a manager.

He’s definitely comfortable with the mic in his hand, and WWE clearly holds him in high regard with his involvement in several WWE Network shows.


3. Michael Cole


When I think of Michael Cole I think of the instant heat he developed in his time as a heel.

There have been grumblings that Cole may be thinking about stepping away from the announcer’s table. Why not give him a run as a manager and piss fans off one last time?

2. Curt Hawkins


WWE has really dropped the ball with Hawkins. The former tag-team champion was responsible for one of the best segments on Raw for a few weeks straight, The Star Factory. But unfortunately it suddenly stopped and Hawkins disappeared.

Since returning to WWE after the draft, Hawkins has solidified himself as a solid talker who can easily get under the skin of the WWE Universe.

How awesome would a “Star Factory” faction be with Hawkins as the mouthpiece?

1. Xavier Woods

When The New Day was at their best my brother sent out a tweet comparing Xavier Woods’ ability on the mic to that of “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart.

The WWE Hall of Famer responded and admitted that he was also a fan of Woods’ work.

I know he is still decent in the ring, but he’s at his best when he’s at ringside jawing at the crowd and opponents.

We’ve been saying it’s time for something new (pun intended) with The New Day. I can totally see Woods breaking away and becoming one of the best managers in the business.