JC’S Monthly Top 20 Power Rankings (07/17/17)

A lot has transpired since the last edition of JC’s Power Rankings over a month ago, which means a lot of big changes in the ranks. New champions, new debuts, and some old faces making new impacts across the landscape of WWE. Great Balls of Fire was the best overall PPV of the year and the outcomes of that event made a big impact in how I view the superstars on RAW. Lets check out the ranks!


  1. Braun Strowman (Last Month – Not Ranked)

The Monster Among Men was not finished with Roman Reigns yet! And boy oh boy did that Ambulance Match deliver. I have even gone as far to say it is the match of the year. Yup. I include all the chicanery after the match as part of the experience and it is the most memorable, entertaining, and amazing thing I have seen this year to date. I cannot wait for more Braun in our future.


  1. Roman Reigns (Last Month – 2)

The other participant in my current match of the year was this man. Reigns and Braun Strowman is one of the best and most natural rivalries the WWE has had in a long time. These guys tear the house down every time they are on screen together.


  1. Jinder Mahal (Last Month – 1)

The Maharaja continues his reign as WWE champion and I am still enjoying him. I am over the feud with Randy Orton, but remain very intrigued in the Punjabi Prison match.


  1. AJ Styles (Last Month – 4)

The NEW United States champion has been trending upward for me once again after he seemed to be in a post-WrestleMania rut. He has been having some great matches and now has a title to show for it. I liked the decision to have Styles win at the house show at MSG. They need to do that occasionally to keep us on our toes and the timing was perfect. I hope Styles continues to hold US Open challenges every week on SmackDown.


  1. Samoa Joe (Last Month – 3)

Samoa Joe has come a long way in the past month in many folk’s eyes. I have really liked his booking and he looked like he belonged in the same ring as Brock Lesnar. I still do not view him as a threat to beat Brock, but I don’t mind him being involved in the main event picture.


  1. Brock Lesnar (Last Month – Not Ranked)

The WWE Universal champion finds himself returning outside the top 5 despite his strong performances as of late. I just cannot put someone who is consistently off TV in my top 5. Other guys deserve it more. That being said, Brock is still a beast and I always enjoy when he is actually around.

Usos SD Champs

  1. The Usos (Last Month – 16)

I’m making a statement with this ranking. The Usos have been one of the best acts in the company for months now and continue to fly under the radar. These guys are doing their best work and I look forward to them each and every week. Their performance in the rap battle was special and every time they get in the ring they deliver.


  1. Shesaro (Last Month – 10)

The RAW Tag Team champions have been putting on wrestling clinics since they regained their championships from The Hardy Boyz. This thrown together duo has morphed into one of the best cohesive units in all the WWE and I absolutely love their presentation. It is nice to see both tag team divisions getting time and having some great duos.


  1. Kevin Owens (Last Month – 5)

KO has lost some steam lately mainly because I see him get pinned week in and week out. His match quality is high as always, but he seems very beatable once again. Owens needs some strong beatdowns to remind us why he is one of the biggest threats on the roster.


  1. John Cena (Last Month – Not Ranked)

The leader of the Cenation has finally returned from his hiatus because, as I always like to point out, he is a part-timer now. Regardless, when Cena is around everything feels bigger and I am excited for his matchup at Battleground against Rusev.


  1. Bray Wyatt (Last Month – 7)

The eater of worlds is on a winning streak for what seems like the first time in his career. Yet, he is coming off very flat because his feud with Seth Rollins was a snore fest. I was happy to see the Bray Wyatt versus Finn Balor feud is back on. I just hope the execution delivers.


  1. Alexa Bliss (Last Month – 8)

The RAW women’s champion is still one of my favorite superstars on the roster. The storylines in the women’s division has been tough to follow and filled with inconsistencies. Alexa is still a fantastic promo and I have enjoyed her work with Sasha Banks. Their match at Great Balls of Fire was my second favorite of the night and I hope to get to see it again soon.


  1. The Miztourage (Last Month – 9)

The Miz has friends for the first time in his career in Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. I like the idea of a “Miztourage” but the execution so far has been very pedestrian. The Miz versus Dean Ambrose never ending struggle for the Intercontinental championship has found a way to bring me back in most weeks, but the hourglass on this feud should be up soon.


  1. Carmella (Last Month – Not Ranked)

My nominee for breakout woman of the year is well on her way to accomplishing that feat. Carmella won the Money in the Bank briefcase twice and has been cutting some of the best promos on the roster as of late. Sky is the limit for the “bada bing, hottest chick in the ring.”


  1. Baron Corbin (Last Month – 18)

Mr. Money in the Bank hasn’t had the strongest booking since WrestleMania, but now that Corbin has the briefcase he can become WWE champion at any time. I am a big fan of Baron Corbin and his massive potential and I hope his feud with Shinsuke Nakamura delivers.


  1. Neville (Last Month – 13)

The King of the Cruiserweights continues to steamroll all his competition and remains the most dominant champion in all the WWE. The purple ropes are the only thing standing in Neville’s way in becoming one of the best acts in the company.


  1. Finn Balor (Last Month – 17)

The Demon King has lacked a meaningful storyline for some time, but Balor has continued to pick up win after win along the way. He appears to be the biggest babyface on Monday Night RAW judging by the crowd reactions. I am glad his feud with Bray Wyatt is back on and the WWE has a chance to make something special as we head towards SummerSlam.


  1. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins (Last Month – 12)

In a miraculous turn of events Seth Rollins finds his way into my Top 20 despite being the worst thing in WWE for months. Nestlemania and myself begged for a Dean Ambrose and Rollins pairing after WrestleMania to inject some interest in both guys who are two of the WWE’s top draws. I am very intrigued where this could lead. Think of the matches this duo could have in the RAW Tag Team division against the Hardy Boyz, The Revival, Shesaro, etc. I think this is the best move for both Dean and Seth.


  1. Titus Worldwide (Last Month – 19)

Man oh man, it is amazing how this has continued to be one of the more entertaining parts of RAW. Titus O’Neill now represents both Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa. Titus is a perfect hype man for both these guys who lack the mic talent and both have already been far more successful in their short time as part of Titus Worldwide.


  1. Naomi (Last Month – Not Ranked)

Feeling the GLOW yet? It took me a while, but I do not mind Naomi as the super baby face champion. I do not love the glowtastic title she is now rocking, but WWE clearly thinks they have something special in Naomi.

Fell from Rankings: Dolph Ziggler, Breezango, The New Day