Five main roster superstars who would benefit from a trip to NXT

It’s been rumored for months that WWE is considering doing another Superstar Shake-up.

Let me say it right now, I think it’s a terrible idea.

It hasn’t happened yet, but why do we need another Shake-up?  I feel like it would be more effective for storyline if the two main brands would make trades. You’re already copping out by having John Cena join RAW as a “free agent.” But the thing that caught my eye in the report is the idea that some Superstars could wind up in NXT.

But the thing that caught my eye in the report is the idea that some Superstars could wind up in NXT.

Now it’s not unheard of to see main roster superstars go back to NXT. Tyson Kidd, Emma and Zack Ryder have tried to rejuvenate their careers with a trip to the yellow brand. It paid off for Ryder and Kidd (until his injury), but the jury is still out on Emma on the main roster.



In recent weeks it has appeared that Lana is putting her in-ring career on hold to manage Tamina in her Women’s Championship pursuit. But if Lana is going to continue in the ring, she might be better off working in NXT.

Heath Slater


Where is “The One Man Band?” He had SO MUCH momentum after the draft and WWE botched it. Now Slater finds himself in no-man’s land dressing up like Elvis while his former 3MB mates are the faces of Smackdown and NXT. If WWE really wants to remove the “developmental” label on NXT and push it as it’s own brand, they could use a solid worker like Slater on the roster. And it goes without saying that Slater would definitely become a fan favorite at Full Sail.

Mike and Maria Kanellis


I’ll be the first to raise my hand and admit that I LOVE (pun intended) the “Power of Love” gimmick that Mike and Maria debuted with on, but starting them on the main roster looks like a major misfire for WWE up to this point. But it’s not too late. Send the couple to NXT to gain a little momentum, or you could even align them with old friend Adam Cole and his new stable to create a new version of The Kingdom.

Dana Brooke


Dana’s call-up to the main roster was kinda a strange one. She definitely wasn’t ready for the bright lights of RAW quite yet and it showed. They briefly teased a reunion with Emma, but now she’s doing absolutely nothing. She could instantly become one of the top heels on NXT again, and definitely could benefit from being in front of the camera on a regular basis.

Sin Cara


I’ve been barking up this tree for a while now, but it’s time to pull the plug on Sin Cara and bring back Hunico. I know that WWE likes the idea of selling masks and whatnot, but you’re not going to sell a whole lot of merchandise if you don’t have the guy on TV. Take off the mask, send him to NXT and rebuild the character. I even tweeted about the idea a while back and he even retweeted with approval.