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JC’S Monthly Top 20 Power Rankings (09/27/17)

Another month of WWE TV is in the books and that means JC’s Monthly Top 20 Power Rankings are back! These ranks are always SUPAH HAWT FIYAH and coming off No Mercy there has been plenty of moving and shaking. SmackDown has Hell in the Cell quickly approaching and as the card begins to take shape my rankings have as well.


  1. Roman Reigns (Last Month – 4)

The Big Dog continued to be the new age legend killer as he defeated John Cena at No Mercy. Reigns kicked out of everything and earned Cena’s respect and proved once again that WWE is his yard. Tough to deny the new guy the number one spot whether he has a championship or not.


  1. Brock Lesnar (Last Month – 3)

The Beast defended his WWE Universal Championship at No Mercy against his biggest competition yet in Braun Strowman. The match definitely under delivered because it ended so suddenly. Regardless, Brock remains the champion and continues to defeat every opponent RAW can throw at him. I expect Lesnar to be absent until the Royal Rumble which is a huge bummer for the championship.


  1. Braun Strowman (Last Month – 1)

The Monster Among men suffered his first major loss in a long time at No Mercy. Strowman could not overcome an F5 despite previously being run over by an ambulance and getting up soon after. That makes a lot of sense. Yeah. Well, Braun is still a stud and murdered Curt Hawkins on RAW and was able to defeat Dean Ambrose. Not sure where Braun goes next, but he is still a stud and deserves to be in the top 3.

vinceko4. Kevin Owens (Last Month – 12)

The best current storyline in WWE is Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon. Owens has been cutting fire promo after fire promo and two weeks ago beat down Vince McMahon. That set Shane off and now we are set for these two to clash inside Hell in a Cell. This match I expect to be violent and have an insane finish. I cannot wait.


5. The Miz w/ The Miztourage (Last Month – 11)

The most consistent performer in WWE is The Miz and has been for some time. No matter what he does or who he is up against he is a highlight of the show. The Miztourage has been a nice touch to his character with Maryse being off screen while pregnant and has given two talented guys in Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel an opportunity to revitalize their careers. We are headed for a Roman Reigns collision and possibly a full-on Shield collision next, so bright things remain in the future for The Miz and his cohorts.


6. Jinder Mahal (Last Month – 2)

The WWE champion has lost a ton of momentum after his victory at Summer Slam. This feud with Shinsuke Nakamura has been a massive dud and Jinder’s promos have been absolute garbage lately. The reign of the modern day Maharaja could be ending very soon.


7. AJ Styles (Last Month – 5)

The United States champion finished his feud with Kevin Owens and resumed his Open Challenges facing off with Tye Dillinger only to be interrupted again and again by Baron Corbin. I love the open challenges and have overall enjoyed this three-way feud in recent weeks and am curious to see where it leads for all men involved.

ambrose rollins shield

8. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins (Last Month – 6)

The RAW tag team champions have continued to roll as they defeated Sheamus & Cesaro at No Mercy in their first title defenses. These guys continue to be highly entertaining as a duo inside and outside the ring and there is no reason to believe that will not continue as we approach the end of 2017. Another reunion with Roman Reigns could be on the horizon for the duo, which would certainly keep many fans highly invested in this team.


9. Alexa Bliss (Last Month – 17)

The RAW women’s champion defended her championship at No Mercy against four other women solidifying her dominance in the division. With Asuka on the horizon, Alexa could be a dead woman walking, but it appears she will have to deal with Mickie James first. I’m excited for this feud because these two have unfinished business from their days on SmackDown Live and their promo on Monday got me fired up for this feud.


10. The New Day (Last Month -13)

The New Day won their fourth tag team championship in Las Vegas as they continue to trade blows with The Usos. All these matches have been SUPAH HAWT FIYAH and I look forward to at least one more at Hell in a Cell.


11. The Usos (Last Month – 7)

These guys are amazing in and out of the ring and their 2017 has been one of the best in the company. They may not be the champs right now, but The Usos are still studs.


12. Finn Balor (Last Month – 14)

The Demon was not allowed at No Mercy after Bray Wyatt declared it a “Man vs Man” match, but the result was still the same. Finn Balor beat Bray again finally building some momentum. I was curious to see who was next for Balor, but it appears Wyatt is not through with him yet. They had a good match on Sunday, but something will need to develop to keep this feud afloat.


13. Shane McMahon (Last Month – Not Ranked)

The commissioner of SmackDown Live returns to the rankings this month. Shane O’ Mac is set to meet Kevin Owens inside Hell in a Cell in a few weeks. As mentioned earlier I am very excited for this match and expect big things.


14. Sheamus & Cesaro (Last Month – 16)

These two continue to be a match made in heaven (thank you Micke Foley!) despite being unable to retain their tag team championships. Cesaro took an all-time bump from a ring post as his front teeth were jammed up into his gums. That match stole the show at No Mercy solidifying Shesaro as one of the best acts in WWE currently.


15. Neville (Last Month – 18)

The King of the Cruiserweights lost his championship to Enzo Amore at No Mercy. Enzo gave him a brutal kick in the nuts to steal one, but Neville returned the favor on RAW as the show closed with a fantastic beat down of the new champion. By doing so Neville has allegedly forfeited his right to challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship as long as Amore is champion. For this reason, I saw this as Neville’s graduation from the Cruiserweight division. I hope WWE gives him a nice program going forward because Neville is one the best in the company currently.


16. Rusev (Last Month – Not Ranked)

RUSEV NUMBER ONE! RUSEV NUMBER ONE! Well not on this list, but he is the best in general! The Bulgarian Brute is finally getting his mojo back. Rusev got the big win versus Randy Orton last week and WWE has allowed him to once again be himself and get over naturally. Rusev is one of the funniest talents on the roster and with his top tier in ring ability he is the total package.

baron corbin summerslam

17. Baron Corbin (Last Month – Not Ranked)

The lone wolf lost his Money in the Bank briefcase last month and has since turned his attention to AJ Styles’ United States championship. Corbin has beaten down Tye Dillinger to try and take his opportunity but that has only led to more issues for Corbin. The lone wolf did beat the Perfect 10 by count out this week and laid the challenge for Styles at Hell in a Cell.


18. Elias (Last Month – Not Ranked)

The drifter continues to entertain week in and week out on RAW. After consecutive victories over Apollo Crews at No Mercy and on RAW, Elias is riding a ton of momentum in and out of the ring. He does need a meaningful feud eventually, but I am enjoying him every time he is on my television.


19. Nia Jax (Last Month – Not Ranked)

We have another debut in this edition of the rankings as Nia Jax finally breaks through. Her development over the past few months has been a breath of fresh air and No Mercy in San Diego solidified that. Nia was the only woman who was universally cheered and continues to have strong showings. Nia deserves some recognition for her improvement and finds herself in my top 20.


20. Shinsuke Nakamura (Last Month – 10)

The #1 contender for the WWE Championship has not been featured much since he became the top contender once again by defeating Randy Orton. He finally did respond to Jinder Mahal’s remarks this week, but not much came of it. Nakamura clings to the last spot since he is chasing the top title.


Fell from Rankings: Samoa Joe, John Cena, Sasha Banks, Bray Wyatt, Titus Worldwide