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Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship reign is an embarrassment

Brock Lesnar and the Universal Title are pointless. And that’s all I got to say about that!

But, since I’m writing an article and not cutting a promo, I’ll go a little deeper in depth.

Brock Lesnar, who has held the Universal Title for the majority of its existence, has had seven televised matches from January 29th, 2017 to his last one with Kane and Braun Strowman this past month at the Royal Rumble, and is sparingly on TV in between his matches.

That is an embarrassment for the Raw champion and an insult to fans everywhere.

The draw is gone. Lesnar’s half-assed approach to being a WWE superstar is offensive.

The use of a part-timer in wrestling isn’t awful, but Brock can’t even be considered that anymore. He’s a some-timer at best. I liken him to a deadbeat Dad who shows up on the big holidays and snaps a few photos to post on Facebook to keep up appearances.

He comes around so infrequently he seems out of place when he is there.

Take a lesson from Chris Jericho, he is an actual part-timer.

He comes back and has a sustained run.

He will wrestle on SmackDown or Raw, an achievement Lesnar hasn’t accomplished or been willing to do in years probably close to a decade now.

Lesnar doesn’t need to go bananas and host a Universal Open Challenge every week, but the belt and the Champion need to be visible.

And that is something he isn’t willing to do, or the WWF can’t afford to do, so either way, he should go the route of the dinosaurs.

Braun Strowman is the de facto Main Event on Raw.

He is your star, you should treat him as such with the respect of the title or at least a respectable, visible opponent champion, unlike the absentee father figure Lesnar has become.

And I know I’ll hear the argument, “but he doesn’t need the belt.” No, Braun doesn’t need it, but wouldn’t it be great if he had it?

Austin didn’t need the belt, but he had it a lot during the Attitude Era.

Same goes for the Rock, Triple H, Mankind, and Kurt Angle.

The man makes the championship. The Championship does not make the man.

Giving the belt to a real superstar would elevate the title instead of what it is now: a joke.

The Universal Title reigns:

Finn Bálor – 1 day

Kevin Owens – 188 days

Goldberg – 28 days

Brock Lesnar – 322+ days

Breaking down the numbers makes me angry.

Finn’s reign was cut short by injury on the night he won the title.

Kevin Owens, with help from an actual part-timer, Y2J, had one of the best title runs in recent memory.

Owens was present and performing – not always wrestling but cutting promos and having incredible segments with Jericho.

Lesnar’s only memorable moments from this run are with Braun.

And yes, I know eventually the time will come, and Brock will put him over, but that time has long since passed.

Instead, they give a big moment away to even more of a some-timer, the man they call Goldberg.

I’m sure Bill is a heck of a nice guy, but that should have been someone else’s moment.

The feud between Lesnar and Goldberg did not need to be for a title if they were as big as everyone claims the match would have stood on its own.

I’ve heard all the crazy conspiracy theorists, “Well Brock beat the Undertakers streak, and Goldberg was the original streak so doesn’t it make sense that Goldberg beat him and then Brock came back to beat him?” And to answer that question with a question. . . No, that doesn’t make any sense.

If you need to do mental gymnastics to spin that mess into something, guess what, it is… and was a terrible idea.

Please stop bringing back these old guys who are just there to collect a paycheck.

This horrible business model is what drove WCW into the ground in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, while the WWF was building up its young talent and making them the Main Event and big money superstars.

And don’t even get me started on the matches Brock has mailed in over the years, including his laughable performance against Dean Ambrose at Wrestlemania.

And to the naysayers and even the current wrestlers who are happy with guys like Brock coming back once every two months to boost a Pay-Per-View buy-rate I say shame, shame, shame.

Believe in yourself, believe in the product, hell, even Bolieve.

The WWF has never been more stockpiled with talent.

Give the big moments and the significant opportunities to the people who deserve it and earn it.

And that doesn’t even mean just the young talent. Even the older full-timers deserve more time to shine then Brock or Goldberg.

The blame should be pinned on the higher-ups. It seems that they are lazy or scared. Perhaps it’s a little bit of both.

But regardless, just don’t keep Brock around because he’s a safe and easy headliner.

Build around the guys you have and elevate guys using Lesnar if you want him to stick around.

He is more than likely going to hold the title for over a year.

People might say that lends the belt some credibility, but people who follow the product, and people who are honest with themselves would say just the opposite.

It’s already an awful looking title don’t make it worse by having it on an awful champion.

And now, that is actually all I got to say about that!