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Face it, Smarks. . . Roman Reigns deserves to be “The Guy” in WWE

Roman Reigns is better than you and every other wrestler in the world.

Steroid accusations aside, Reigns is the best in the world at what he does.

Let’s take a look at his resume, and you’ll see why he deserves to become the Universal Champion at Wrestlemania.

Roman is the most polarizing superstar in wrestling history.

You either love him or hate him, but no matter what you are watching him.


He’s not a channel changer. He’s either a car wreck of a promo you can’t turn away from, or he’s spitting #SupahHawtFiyah, destroying Brock Lesnar the last two Monday nights.

The detractors will say he’s forced and pushed down our throats, and that is true.

No one will ever forget his “Jack and the Bean Stock” promo. It was flat out awful and will widely be considered one of the worst promos of all time. But really, does anyone think that was his idea or his words?

I believe in a lot of things you might consider crazy: God, Santa, The Shield, and most importantly the fact the Roman Reigns is a good promo.

If you have the WWE Network, I encourage you to go back and watch the “Countdown” shows. Not only are they the best thing on the network, but Reigns is on them, and he’s acting natural and normal.

It’s a very similar feel to the recent Lesnar promo and the promo he cut against John Cena a few months ago.

The man has charisma and charm, and he’s is highly entertaining when he’s able to be himself.

WWE needs to take the shackles off him – and a lot of the other guys, for that matter – and let them just be them.


Also, even if he’s given a crap promo where he’s talking about magic beans he can still overcome it with his wrestling ability. That particular promo was about the Big Show, and that match at Extreme Rules in 2015 stole the show. The match was also the best match Big Show had in probably over a decade.

I hope no one is still on the “Reigns can’t wrestle” train because that is as dumb a take as Cena can’t wrestle.

The two of them are the best WWE style wrestlers in the company, period. Point blank. End of sentence.

I’m sure I’ll address the greatness of Cena soon, but in the meantime, Roman is typically the best match on the card much like his Samoan brothers, the Usos, on SmackDown Live.

(Sidebar: I do hate the Roman Reigns repetitive corner clotheslines, those are horrific and awful. Please get rid of them, and you’ll have a great move set.)

Another elephant in the room we can address is the Superman punch and the Spear.

I love the Superman punch, and if the Rock did it in the Attitude Era, it would have been bigger than the People’s Elbow. However, the smark crowd doesn’t embrace Reigns, so it’s looked at as a terrible move.

From a lot of the internet knockout videos that I’ve seen it’s a valid form of punch.

Now to the spear, I agree with you all it shouldn’t be his finisher, but he delivers it like a stud.

He’s got a few devastating moves he breaks out from time to time. I love when he does the Razors Edge type power bomb. He should ultimately have a finisher like that, but again this isn’t in his control.

But all that aside, Reigns can flat out go!

He always has a great match no matter the opponent.

Roman brings energy to every move and sell.

There aren’t too many other Main Event superstars I can say that about especially on Raw.


The crowd in WWE will tell you if a wrestler is hot or not.

Roman is white hot.

He typically gets the biggest reaction of the night.

Reigns might also have the most significant response in wrestling history. It might be the most prolonged sustained reaction of any crowd ever.

The boos he got Monday night after this year’s past Wrestlemania were the loudest and longest I can ever remember. Lots of people don’t like the fact The Big Dog beat the Undertaker, but that’s the kind of guy who deserves it.

Brock Lesnar got the first win which was shameful. Yes, it made Brock relevant but he’s never around so who cares. Taker should have only suffered one loss at Mania, and it should have been to Reigns, his heat would have been even more nuclear than it was.

Reigns is on the Cena level of heat and love.

Kids and ladies love him well the older smark crowd hate his guts.

If I’ve learned anything over the years, that’s the new top superstar in the company, and that’s where the money is at in WWE.

If you’ve been to a wrestling event the last decade plus you’ll notice the kids in the crowd are covered in head-to-toe John Cena or Roman Reigns apparel and that stuff isn’t cheap.

You’ll also probably notice most of the signs are directed towards Cena or Reigns.

The kids are holding up the pro Reigns/Cena signs, and the Smarks are holding up the negative Reigns/Cena signs.

Either way, those customers bought a ticket to see them.

So until Reigns stops bringing in the money, you’ll have to deal with him being the top guy in the company.

Reigns is a license to print money in the WWE.

I’ve come to grips with the fact I’m watching a show that is designed to sell little kids toys, and you should realize it too.

He’s the perfect modern-day superstar.

Children adore him and buy his stuff, women think he’s attractive, and most men in the key demo, 18-35 years of age, hate his guts enough to buy a ticket, in part, just to boo him.

Admit it, Reigns isn’t a bad wrestler, he isn’t a good wrestler, he’s the best in the biz, and you can believe that!

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  1. Im a female Fan. And in my Opinion your take on ” woman find him attractive ” is BS ! To some extend it might be true. But i dont watch wrestling for the Looks or because he is attractive. !!! Thats a very onesided view and ist atcually kinda discriminating. A lot of female Fans dont care about the Wrestlers Looks. I thought in this Day and age we are past that shit. We have a passion and love wrestling as much as the male Fans. We fully count as Fans too, just like the Kids.

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