Jobber Knocker

Celebrating 100 episodes of Jobber Knocker by revisiting the top arguments

It was the JC of times; it was the Nestlemania of times,  it was 100 episodes of SupahHawtFiyah.

Okay, my friends, the century mark is quite the accomplishment!

The Modern Day Maharaja of Podcasting should be proud, keep up the great work.

Nestlemania, keep up the work.

Let’s dive into the highlights of 100 episodes. There’s plenty to unpack here so let’s get to it. . .

In this article, we will tackle the big arguments, at least the ones I remember…

We are treating this as a best of 7 Cesaro/Sheamus style series… And to the victor go the bragging rights.

(And yeah, I’m calling them rounds, I don’t care if it’s wrestling, and if it’s that big of a problem pretend this is Brawl for All)


Round 1 – The Baron Corbin Debate


A landslide victory to be sure for JC.

So much so Nestle has grown to like him, recently saying “There’s money behind this guy as a babyface.” (DISCLAIMER: All quotes in this article may not be direct quotes, but who cares. I’ll mostly be misquoting Nestle and Wrestling is fake anyway)

Corbin blocked his ass on Twitter for all the shade he threw his way.

Unlike Baron’s bellybutton, Nestle couldn’t hide or deny his talent.

JC 1 – NestleMania 0


Round 2 – The Titus Tussle


“The bar is set so low, and Titus O’Neil keeps running directly into that bar. GET HIM OFF MY TV, GET HIM OFF MY TV.” For those of you who listen to the podcast, this Nestlemania rant should be familiar to you from the open.

Granted it is Nestle’s greatest catchphrase – and that might have been said about Mick Foley, but who cares about accuracy – this is another argument he did not survive.

Nestle hated Titus.

Honestly, rightfully so at the start, he was an awful wrestler and kind of a mess on the mic.

JC planted his flag on this fight and again is a decisive victor. The LaVar Ball-like gimmick has been a huge hit. Titus has taken what looked like a floundering career and rebounded nicely.

JC stuck with Titus throughout and is now a card carrying member of Titus World Wide.
Even Nestle has admitted it’s a great gimmick and has given new life to one of his guys Apollo Crews.

JC 2 – NestleMania 0


Round 3 – The Mojo-less Conflict


Nestle, your argument, WOOF!

This guy sucks!

The Mania loved him some Mojo though, even if The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner had a lackluster 2017, despite a push.

I guess lacking in-ring skill, charisma, and mic skills won’t stop Nestle from backing you, which makes his hate of Kelly Kelly so vexing they are the same person.

Anywho. . . I have nothing positive to say about Mojo, argument over. JC gets this “W,” squash match style.

JC 3 – NestleMania 0


Round 4 – The Goldberg vs. Undertaker Controversy


In keeping with the spirit of the Jobber Knocker, my comeback goes to Nestle in this article.

This tiff was a clear blowout.

JC went against stacked odds in this verbal dispute he was arguing against a lifelong Undertaker fan, facts, logic, and common sense.

The Deadman was around forever and a dominating force, and although he might never have had a run like Goldberg’s streak in WCW, you can’t deny that The Phenom is the more significant star, even though Takers career is slowly collapsing in on itself like a black hole.

JC 3 – NestleMania 1


Round 5 – The TJ Perkins Polemic


The babyface Nestle never stopped believing in, and for once he ended up being right.

Just like Nestle, there’s no doubt about it the kid had talent, but just like the Host of the JobberKnocker, he’s better with an edge.

Heel Nestle and TJP are where the money was at, and before he got hurt, he was great.

Even JC had to admit defeat.

Just like that. . . could it be? Nestle still has a fighting chance in this article.

Who’d have thought?

JC 3 – NestleMania 2


Round 6 – The James Ellsworth Embroilment


Hope is the key word in this argument, that’s what Nestle had for Ellsworth, and now that’s what he has in this great debate – hope.

He’s officially evened the score in this best of 7.

To his credit, Nestle was quite clairvoyant on this call.

He saw potential in a guy no one else did.

It paid off big time.

Ellsworth was that little hint of spice that made feuds more interesting.

The chinless wonder was the perfect accent to the AJ Ambrose feud and was the first person to get the woman’s MITB briefcase, which solidified the victory in this argument as JC hails that as one of the best moments of the past year.

JC 3 – NestleMania 3


Round 7 – The Mandy Melee


This one might be a little too close to call, did Nestle do it?

Is this a comeback for the ages?

Did he just “04 Red Sox” JC with a rally from 3 down?


Mandy Rose is the perfect woman.

Could be the hottest female wrestler of all time.

She’s too hot to fail.

She’ll be forever in the shine, and Nestle will be forever wrong.

Come on Nestle
Roses are Gold,
Violets are Blue,
Your take is cold
Get a clue.

Wow, that was an awful poem people, but I did it to illustrate my point.

That rhyme scheme was as lame as Nestle’s thoughts on the Golden Goddess.

The winner of this article is The Maharaja, Mr.SupahHawtFiyahRating, the man with only two letters in his name JC.

JC 4 – NestleMania 3


Hopefully, Nestle will win a few arguments in the next centennial set of podcasts.

Either way, it was an entertaining 100, looking forward to 100 more.