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Dreams could become reality: Daniel Bryan matches we can’t wait to see

After nearly two years, WWE has cleared Daniel Bryan to return to in-ring competition. There’s so many dream matches being thrown out there. Here’s what we want to see. . .

Nestlemania – Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar
This matchup is important for me for many reasons. Daniel Bryan wants this match. . . No, needs this match. He described this match as the ultimate David vs Goliath story. It was going to be something everyone looked forward before he got the call to hang up his boots. He even went as far as to change up his whole fighting style that was more beast-like to conquer the beast. See clip from Total Bellas here. Although it is very ridiculous, the fact still remains that he wanted this to happen. He was willing to do just about anything to give us a show. This would be THE SHOW!
JC- Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz
(EDITOR NOTE: JC is super wrapped up with work tonight, but we’re going to go ahead and assume his choice is The Miz. I mean, he had Bryan-Miz in his Wrestlemania 34 fantasy booking way back in August of last year)
DQ – Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens
Everyone wants to see Bryan face Nakamura, but until we see the “Fight Forever” Nakamura we saw at Takeover against Sami Zayn, I’m paying my money to see Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens. I know, I know, we’ve seen it in Ring of Honor before, the story they’d be able to tell on the WWE stage would be amazing. Bryan makes his triumphant return to the ring and Owens makes it his goal to take it all away from him again.
Billy – Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles
Daniel Bryan versus  A.J. Styles is the real dream match that needs to happen. Yes, it has happened before, but it was in IWA, not the WWE. Watch it, it was a fantastic match. I’d pay good money to see it on a big stage. The match is also probably a decade old by now. The two men are arguably the best wrestlers around. They would deliver again without question if this match were to come true. Book it, this year or next. Hell put him in with Styles-Nakamura. Nakamura is overrated and has only had one good match in the company, and it was his first at NXT takeover two years ago.
Ray Ray – Daniel Bryan vs. Johnnny Gargano
My dream matchup for a returning Daniel Bryan is against Johnny ‘FREAKIN Wrestling’ Gargano! There aren’t a lot (if any) guys you’re gonna find in WWE that Daniel Bryan hasn’t wrestled somewhere (trust me, I looked). So when I think pure entertainment and two guys that can go and will be able to keep the crowd on their feet, these are the guys. Gargano has been compared to Bryan since he first arrived in NXT, and for good reason. The guy can do it all just like Bryan and has done an amazing job in the underdog role. This is the type of match that doesn’t even need a “feud,” these guys can tell their story in the context of the match. Give me Gargano vs Bryan and prepare yourselves for the longest, and most deserved “THIS IS AWESOME” chant in the history of WWE!
Todd Graham – Daniel Bryan vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
End of List. This is a matchup that everyone wants to see. They both have the same distinction. The Two Guys that were the absolute best and the WWE has a hard time believing it. Nakamura is better than 98% of the WWE roster, but he has a series of loses to Jinder Mahal that really made us believe it was all over. WWE has no idea how to handle someone like this, how to book them. Bryan vs. Nakamura does not need a storyline, it sells itself. Daniel Bryan is the 2% that I alluded to above and this would make everyone’s dreams come true. For comparison, CM Punk … BLOWS! I don’t care if CM Punk ever comes back. Daniel Bryan… different story, I had a hard cry a couple of minutes ago.