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“Grateful” Daniel Bryan has opportunity to continue incredible story

Daniel Bryan is back! YES, YES, YES, it’s true, oh it’s damn true. On Tuesday night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, Bryan addressed an electric crowd about his return to the ring.

The 5-minute promo he cut was emotional, heartfelt, and inspiring. The former WWE Champion said when he felt depressed about being forced to retire he reminded himself to be grateful.

And that is the perfect word to describe the collective wrestling world at the moment – grateful.

We are all grateful to have him back. The leader of the Yes Movement was one of the only true baby faces the company had seen in years. Everyone loved Bryan. Men, women, children, even the Smarks held a special place in their heart for the world’s toughest vegan.

He was the classic WWE success story. He was undersized, undervalued, but his talent was overwhelming. He went what is now one of the typical routes to stardom, the Indies, Japan, Ring of Honor. Sure, he made a stop at WWE along the way as an enhancement talent, as many guys do, but there was something different about Daniel Bryan.

He has the certain undefinable something or as Y2J might say he has “IT.” The man has an uncanny ability to make you care, make you believe he can beat anyone, and make you want him to succeed.  In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to find a universally liked talent like that in sports entertainment or any other genre of media.

Hence, that’s what makes him so unique. It’s what makes the “YES” and even the “NO” chants so unbelievable. Daniel Bryan is the real everyman. The underdog who fought through it all to make it to the top.

Nothing encapsulates it better than his win at Wrestlemania 30. It was a match he wasn’t even supposed to be booked in, but his charisma and appeal to the crowd were too big to ignore. His brand strong-armed him into the match where he defeated Randy Orton and Batista in without a doubt one of the most memorable wins in wrestling history.

From there he suffered two significant injuries, and it seemed his career was cut too short. Not the storybook ending everyone had hoped for Bryan.

If Wrestlemania 30 turned out to be the last truly great memory in his career, it would still be a nice legacy for Bryan. But, as he declared Tuesday night, he will wrestle again in the WWE continuing his incredible story.

The pain and suffering he went through is real, and I’m sure a trying time for him and his entire family, but it’s just another twist in the road of this remarkable story, and now we get another, his comeback.

As he said on SmackDown Live, he’s not sure when or where it will be, but it will happen, and that is something every true wrestling fan is grateful for, and I’m looking forward to; hopefully, it’s at Wrestlemania 34.