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Simonetti: Wrestlemania IX is the best Wrestlemania of all time

By Derek Simonetti

A lot of people will read the title and think, “Even you, the hater of the attitude era, lover of all things New Generation, couldn’t possibly be serious when you say Wrestlemania IX is the best Wrestlemania.” Let me tell you, I don’t have to tell you it’s the best, YOU have already told me it’s the best for a very long time.

A lot of people talk about how Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat was the BEST match ever at a Wrestlemania (It wasn’t). A lot of people believe Wrestlemania 17 is the best overall Wrestlemania (It’s not). But the Wrestlemania that gets talked about the MOST is Wrestlemania IX from Caesars Palace.

I have seen countless countdowns of the Best Manias and the Worst Manias, and every time they get to Mania IX, they always say something like, “A lot of people thought this would be voted the worst Wrestlemania, which is why I placed it in a different spot.” It wasn’t placed as the worst BECAUSE IT ISN’T. Look at the preamble on that comment, “Everyone thinks this should be the top of the worst list”. They are admitting outright that EVERYONE has an opinion on Wrestlemania IX. And that’s the biggest thing to note, EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION ABOUT WRESTLEMANIA IX.

I don’t even have to tell you what the card was because you remember it.

You remember Hogan and his big Black Eye.

You remember Bret Hart getting randomly fucked by Hulk Hogan.

You remember Undertaker’s one and only questionable Mania win.

Why? Because you have dissected it and preached about how it is the worst Mania ever created and you have written a top 10 reasons why.

In the end, BEST and WORST are subjective. Everyone has different criteria for what makes something the BEST or WORST. However, in the real world, there are no such criteria in which to measure this. Wrestling is like Pizza. . . 10 people in a room will never truly agree what the best topping is, but it’s likely they will ALL say, “no anchovies.”

I believe HOW MANY PEOPLE TALK ABOUT IT can measure the BEST of anything. If you have the best wrestling show ever and nobody talks about it or remembers it, is it truly the BEST? By my way of thinking, I would say, no.

However, as we go into the next Wrestlemania, the one people STILL talk about and STILL have a passionate opinion on, happened 25 years ago, and is still being discussed to this day.

And that is why WRESTLEMANIA IX is and always will be the BEST WRESTLEMANIA EVER!