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Superstar Shake-up Preview and Predictions

In what has become a post-WrestleMania tradition, we are heading towards another Superstar Shake-up on next week’s episodes of RAW & SmackDown. With a barrage of NXT call-ups and returns, both rosters have already seen major change. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are unemployed. I think KO eventually ends up on RAW, with Sami Zayn headed back to SmackDown Live eventually.  Here is what I foresee happening to further shake up both the red and blue brands.



This seems to happen almost every shakeup, but I think they do it again. Seth Rollins and his Intercontinental championship will be the biggest male superstar heading to SmackDown Live. Rollins seems like a better fit on the blue brand with the likes of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. This also paves the way for a return to the main event for the architect and I think we see that towards the end of 2018.


Heading in the other direction to RAW is Jinder Mahal and the United States Championship. Jinder has done all he can do on Tuesday nights and I think it would be beneficial for him and everyone else if he heads to RAW. But, he will not be alone. Bobby Roode and Randy Orton will join him on the jump to RAW. The Glorious One needs a change in scenery and RAW would give him more opportunities to find TV time. As for the Viper, Orton is likely headed towards a part-time role and it makes more sense for him to make his home on the red brand to do that.



In our next category, we exchange a faction for a faction. Finn Balor and The Balor Club will be headed to SmackDown Live. Balor, much like Rollins, seems a far better fit for Tuesday nights with all the behemoths on RAW. His cohorts Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson need a change as well, and SmackDown Live will provide some fresh feuds and matches for them.


Heading to RAW is the best damn tag team on the planet in The Usos. The team that has been around since Day One-ish lost their championships at WrestleMania and it is time for them to take the next challenge on Monday nights. Joining them is Naomi (I am a fan of keeping the couples together) who won the inaugural women’s battle royal at WrestleMania. The SmackDown women’s division has featured the same matches for months now and some of the top contenders need to switch it up. RAW will be feeling the glow on Monday.



One of the advertised matches for RAW next Monday is Sasha Banks versus Bayley. This immediately caught my attention because I now believe one of these two is headed to SmackDown Live.  We have been teased with a Sasha-Bayley feud for months now and it looks like we may have to wait even longer for a true, long-term feud between the two. My pick to head to SmackDown Live is Sasha Banks. The RAW women’s division picked up Ronda Rousey, Ember Moon, and Naomi, so a top star is needed to head to the blue brand and I think it will be The Boss.



Every year we are teased with a tag team or faction break up and usually we are let down. This year I think it finally happens. The New Day will finally be split up next week. I think Big E heads to RAW. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston will likely remain a top tier tag team for SmackDown, but Big E could finally begin his single’s push on RAW.


We saw Paige officially retire on Monday Night Raw, leaving Absolution at two members. It would make sense to potentially split up Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, but I think the duo remains intact. Instead, I look to SmackDown Live and see a split in the Riott Squad. But I don’t just foresee a split, I think the leader Ruby Riott is headed to RAW. The Riott Squad still doesn’t really make sense, as the trio does not appear to have anything in common, so I think this would be the best for all involved.



There will be a bevy of other superstars changing brands beyond the top stars. Big Cass will head to SmackDown Live. The 7-footer is cleared, but has not yet made his return to the ring. The Superstar Shakeup is a great way to bring him back and save a surprise for next week.


I think the stable of Titus Worldwide will head to the blue brand. This trio has run its course on RAW, and SmackDown seems to be the better fit. Taking their place on Monday nights will be Breezango. This eccentric duo cannot find time on SmackDown and the extra hour on RAW is a good way to highlight their comedy and a possible serious push down the line (not too optimistic on that one).


I think Mojo Rawley goes to RAW. If Nestlemania’s favorite superstar is ever going to get TV time it will be on Monday nights. Mike Kanellis also joins him on RAW. Headed to SmackDown are Curt Hawkins and R-Truth.  As far as the other women changing brands, Alicia Fox heads to SmackDown Live and Natalya finds her way to RAW.



After the GM’s exchange superstars, I see one final shakeup. I think Shane & Stephanie swap GMs. Daniel Bryan will head to RAW and Kurt Angle will head to SmackDown. Angle needs a change desperately.  SmackDown and Shane McMahon would provide that. RAW would gain another top tier superstar and could bring someone new in as their General Manager.

What do you guys think?  Comment below or tweet me @JCoftheJK with your opinions or predictions!

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  1. I guess they’re going all the way with {sigh} “Woken” Matt Hardy with Captain DUI taking the US strap back to Tuesdays.

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