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The Undertaker should put Rusev over at The Greatest Royal Rumble

So after a wild few days, April 27, 2018, the day of the GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE, will still be Rusev Day! That’s right, after a flip and a flop Rusev is back in the Casket Match.

 Therefore the Undertaker needs to – and will – put Rusev over.

 Why do you ask?

Let me count the ways. . .


1. John Cena did a job for Undertaker at WrestleMania

 John Cena jobbed out to an older, past his prime, out of shape Undertaker at the biggest show in sports entertainment.

 So to all you Cena haters, please STFU.

 Big Match John allowed the Deadman to bury him in front of a worldwide audience.

 Now it’s time for Taker to repay the business and the favor.

 His record at Mania will never be touched.

 Plus, having what will hopefully be his final Wrestlemania match be a victory against arguably the most celebrated champion in WWE history solidifies him as the most dominant performer on the grandest stage of them all.

 It’s Takers turn to look up at the lights – or in this case be shoved in a casket.


2. You go out on your back

 It’s what should be a wrestling tradition, but is not always the case.

 Great superstars are supposed to go out on their back, putting over another wrestler.

 However, this isn’t always the case because of bad booking, bad storylines, and more often than not, a wrestlers ego.

 A lot of great wrestlers, including the younger Cena, laid down for Taker.

 Jimmy Snuka, Jake Roberts, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels (twice).

 These matches were all at Wrestlemania.

 I know, I know, Undertaker has put people over in the past, Brock being the most prominent shock of all of them.

 Taker also put over Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33.

 But, Giving Rusev a win here, however, is different.

 Both Reigns and Brock were already top main event superstars at points before their match with the Undertaker.

 At the Greatest Royal Rumble, you have a chance to make the Bulgarian Badass a real star.

 A signature win in a gimmick match against one of the all-time greats would be a launching pad for him and a significant feather in his cap.


3. Rusev Day

 The last reason Rusev should win in Saudi Arabia at the Greatest Royal Rumble is that he freaking deserves it.

 He is without a doubt one of the most over guys in the entire company.

 He’s an absolute stud.

 The Rusev Day gimmick is so over!

 The chant can be clearly heard at slow points on Monday Night Raw, which isn’t even where he appears on television.

 The guy is also magic on the microphone.

 Everything he says is gold.

 And then the bell rings, and he’s one of the best performers in the business.

 Rusev is an incredible in-ring talent. He is the perfect combination of speed, strength, and size.

 He’s over with the smart marks and I believe could be a babyface everyone would love.

 Even if he continues to work as a tweener heel/face, he’ll still be successful because he has undeniable charisma.

 Taker, do the job.

 You’ve put guys over before in your career, and this is another chance to make a star -especially if the Deadman is defeated on Rusev day.

 A star will be born.

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  1. Everything you have stated is on point. However, until Rusev loses the accent, Vince will see nothing but a foreigner gimmick. We can (and SHOULD) chant for Rusev, but the McMahons will never place him in the spot he rightfully deserves. Not to beat a dead horse, but, “WHAT IS SEVRU DOING IN THE IMPACT ZONE?!? Let’s find out…”

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