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The Greatest Royal Rumble won’t derail the Women’s Revolution

By Ray Ray

The Greatest Royal Rumble is upon us. It is scheduled to be a 6 hour event with a stacked card that could rival any Wrestlemania. We are getting a ladder match, a steel cage match, and a casket match all in one afternoon! Also there will be an unprecedented 50-man Royal Rumble match! Overall it has the potential to be a great event, but there is one thing missing that a lot of people have been talking about…

There will be ZERO women’s matches on the card.

First and foremost to the people that are upset about this, I agree with you 100%. It sucks that we still live in a world where people aren’t treated equally everywhere. The women have been putting on amazing matches and have risen to a whole new level of stardom for quite a while now. We have seen them main event Raw and Smackdown as well as main event PPV network specials. They have had ladder matches, Hell in a Cell matches, and this year we got to witness the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match. The women’s revolution is as strong as ever.

I don’t believe that not having any women’s matches at The Greatest Royal Rumble is going to slow or derail any of that one bit. It actually may help it grow.


In the past WWE has held live events in Abu Dhabi. In the past women were not allowed to compete at those events. Last year all that changed with a historic match between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. Change takes time. Change takes patience. There is no way the WWE could walk into Saudi Arabia and demand they allow the women to compete. The best way to allow this change to happen is from within. Establishing a strong relationship and working from within is the best way to enact the change we all want to see. I believe it worked in Abu Dhabi and I believe it will work here with enough time and patience.

The fact that people are having this conversation is another reason this women’s revolution is not going away anytime soon (or ever). Once the news broke about how there would be zero women’s matches in Saudi Arabia, people started talking. That’s important. Change begins first with an idea and then a discussion. To say that not including the women at this event is derailing the women’s revolution or that it will be the beginning of the end for it is doing a disservice to those currently working in it and, in my opinion, disrespectful to the work that has been done so far. The amount of time and effort, the blood sweat and tears we have seen over the years is not going away because of one event, so please stop implying that.

So yes, it is wrong that the women won’t be allowed to compete at The Greatest Royal Rumble. It is not fair and we – not only as wrestling fans, but as people – should be upset and make our voice heard. We just cannot undermine what changes have already occurred. We cannot allow one event to tear down what has been built. Please remember that change is possible but it takes time, patience, and understanding.