Time for WWE to give Heath Slater the push he deserves. Here’s a suggestion. . .

Nothing frustrates me more than when a superstar has all the tools, but WWE continues to misuse them over and over again.

The perfect example is Heath Slater.

The “One Man Band” has been a staple on the WWE roster since bursting on the scene as a member of the Nexus.

Sure, we’ve all enjoyed watching Slater get beat up at one point or another, but it’s time he finally gets his due.

We got a glimpse of how good Slater really is when he was fighting for a job after RAW and Smackdown both ignored him during the draft.

He was the hottest thing in WWE. He cut solid promo after solid promo about why he NEEDED a job with one of the brands. He talked about his kids, buying a double-wide trailer or even a pool. His best work was without a doubt a back-and-forth with one of the top talents in the business, Brock Lesnar. He pleaded to have a match with Lesnar, but Lesnar revealed that he didn’t “give a shit” about Slater’s kids before decimating him.

Slater rode the “I’ve got kids” wave until he and Rhyno became THE FIRST Smackdown Tag Team Champions, earning him a contract.

The momentum was suddenly gone. Despite being the champions, Slater and Rhyno were off TV on a regular basis, leading to a forgettable reign before dropping the titles to The Wyatt Family a couple months later.

Slater was just one of the guys again. He’s been essentially relegated to enhancement talent again.

But more than two years later, the time is now for Slater to shine again.

Here’s how you can do it, WWE. . .

Picture Slater and Rhyno facing a seemingly unbeatable foe, lets say The Authors of Pain. Rhyno is getting destroyed for a couple minutes as Slater sits on the apron hoping for the hot tag.


He’s tagged in. Slater runs in for his comeback clothesline. . . and he runs into a monster clothesline from Akam. Now he’s getting destroyed. They set him up for the final chapter, but they miss and he somehow turns it into a pinning predicament.




Slater with a huge upset (would be a similar feeling as when The Hurricane beat The Rock) and he quickly runs out of the ring to celebrate on the ramp as they go to commercial.

The lucky wins continue for a few weeks.

In a backstage segment, Slater and Rhyno celebrate a win before Rhyno dubs Slater as “the luckiest man alive.”

Slater replies, “Yeah I am! I’m going to play the lottery BAY BAY!” and runs off.

Since WWE loves using social media so much, they can reveal that HE WON the lottery later that night on Twitter or Snapchat with a hilarious video of him celebrating with Rhyno, his wife and all their kids in the double-wide.

The next two or three weeks, Slater and Rhyno show up to the arena in a limo. But then proceed to lose their matches with Rhyno getting pinned each time, with an increasingly frustrated Slater on the apron.


After a small losing streak, Slater loses his cool with The Man Beast and either abandons him during a match or beats him down.

In a backstage interview reveals that he’s “sick of dealing with that loser” and has money now so he can “buy better friends.”

The next few weeks a random collection of superstars could help Slater because he paid them off.

They’ve been misusing The Revival for a while now, have them start hanging around with Slater for a while. They’re bona fide ass kickers and being part of a storyline could help bring them credibility.

Hell, Slater’s old Social Outcast pals Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are looking to latch onto someone. Put them back together with the new twist, they’re not “outcasts” anymore, they’re well-compensated business associates.

There, WWE. I’ve given you something to start with. It’s time to give Slater the run he really deserves. If you decide to use my storyline, my only request is you give me some credit and have Slater yell out “I’m going to DQ (Dairy Queen)” when he’s celebrating a huge singles title win. . . that is greatly deserved.






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