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Nestle: Booking the Debuts of the Recent NXT Call-Ups

We have been teased for weeks that these 6 competitors were making their way to Raw or SDLive from NXT. They are Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, EC3, Heavy Machinery, and Nikki Cross. When I first saw all these call-ups I wasn’t really impressed. None of these competitors have really done something substantial in NXT. So realistically I’m going to have wait and see what happens just like the rest of the WWE universe. We got a taste of most of these competitors this last week. We were told by the commentary team that all these superstars will be on both shows to see where they fit best. Now granted I’m not a huge fan of this, but it’s never been done so there’s no harm in trying. With that said, I’m challenging myself to book these six in a way that I would enjoy seeing them every week on our screens. 

So let’s start with Lars Sullivan. The freak is clearly the one with the most potential in the eyes of Mr. McMahon. After weeks and weeks of him crushing jobbers, I could really see Lars interrupting a match where he destroys Rey Mysterio. This would be a David and Goliath story that everyone would be able to get behind. Rey’s experience would help him showcase the strength of Sullivan. And if the cards fall a certain way it would be a nice way for Lars to become United States champion if Mysterio ends up holding the championship. Either way, Lars has to be carefully spoon fed to the WWE Universe, otherwise he will just become similar to Gene Snitsky. (And it WASN’T HIS FAULT)

Lacey Evans is next on our list. I would say out of everyone she’s the one I would think could blow us all away. She a former Marine (thank you for your service) and seems to have quite the right hand. With Bliss being out and Ronda running out of people to face I would not be surprised to see Lacey on RAW. I think a natural progression would see her talking to Nattie only to insult Nattie about how she doesn’t handle herself in the classy way possible. Nattie would clearly take offense given her heritage and we would be about to see if the lady that is full of class can really hang with the staple of the RAW women’s division. 

EC3 is the competitor that most people are familiar with. Reaching ridiculous heights in TNA, he could be poised to become a champion. I think EC3’s mic skills will carry him very far, which is why I would love to see him go word for word with Zelina Vega. Having EC3 trying to pick her up with a wink and nod could really upset Zelina which would allow for Cien to come in and mount a vicious attack on Carter. This feud stemming from mere understanding could really become something personal very quickly. 

Heavy Machinery is a tag team that I have kept an eye on when watching NXT. Now granted when I see them Immediately think of WELL DUNN meets HIGH VOLTAGE (Ask Siri) however watching them on Monday night interrupt A Moment of Bliss really got me thinking. Raw’s tag division is in shambles. I mean we really have nothing going on there and it’s really sad. With 7 Tag teams on the roster, none of them stand out. Now watching Dozer interrupting and yelling “pretty lady” made me giggle more than it should have. Taking that one moment and building off it. Alexa can’t wrestle right now but she can still be appalled at the thought of Dozer. So, he could continue to try and court her only to have Alexa to employ two former tag team champions … Axel and Bo Dallas. Now I know what you’re thinking… the B team? really? Yes and no. No longer the B team Alexa would have these two guys around to manage and make them feel important again. They clearly have the pedigree to make this work. Imagine Alexa leading Dover on only to be blindsided by Axel and Dallas. It works perfectly. They were so good together with the Miz this could be something similar yet different. They know how to play their parts well and with everyone involved it would force Heavy Machinery to be taken more seriously than just a comedic tag team. We have like 14 of those already. 

Finally, we come to Nikki Cross. Let me play, Let Nikki Play. This woman has been wrestling for over 10 years already. She has an amazing look and commits fully to her character. Clearly, we all want her to go to Smackdown to team up with Sanity. However, she is a star all on her own. I do agree with most people, Smackdown is the place for Nikki Cross. There are several women on that show that would run away in horror of Nikki. Imagine a Nikki Cross match happens and the IIonics are backstage talking about her and how gross and weird she is. Next week, when they are backstage you can see Nikki lurking in the background. Build suspense for us as viewers. Have that moment of the IIconics backstage talking and Nikki pops up from behind them as they scream and run away. That would the kick start to a wonderful feud where the IIconics could double team Nikki only to show off how insane she really is. 

Now Granted I don’t work for the WWE (I’m not holding my breath on a phone call). But I have helped with wrestling creative in a lot of different ways over the years. All these competitors deserve an honest shot to be highlighted properly. I am very hopeful that they all become something special, but only time will tell. I would really like to see WWE emphasize these characters as true characters. We don’t need comic book goofy stuff or everyone to have an occupation. Just give us characters that are believable and compelling. 

Thanks for reading. Just remember creative may not have anything for you, but Nestle does. 

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