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JC: Making A Case For Who Should Be The First Ever Women’s Tag Team Champions

Elimination Chamber is fast approaching and that means so is the introduction of the Women’s Tag Team Championships. There are a number of deserving teams to be crowned the first ever women’s tag champs and I have made it my mission to power rank which duo (or trio) should be the inaugural title holders.


7. The Bella Twins

If these titles existed over the last 10 years you would be looking at the faces of the division. The Bellas have been around for over a decade now and have been an integral part of WWE programming on RAW, SmackDown Live, and all the E! Network shows we have come to embarrassingly enjoy. The Bellas are exactly what their name says, twins, making for an ideal team. They have performed theirĀ  “twin magic” countless times to win matches and would most certainly have used that effective tactic to win and defend tag team championships.

The Bellas bring excellent cross promotion appeal to these new championships and could parade them around the world with all the public appearances and events they attend. The story of them winning titles would be chronicled on Total Divas and Total Bellas reaching an extended audience, which the WWE loves to do. The other factor with The Bella Twins is age. It may be now or never. As we have seen in the past few episodes of Total Bellas, Brie and Bryan want another baby. Brie already put it on hold once last summer because of her desire to make one last run. She was involved in a storyline with her husband on SmackDown vs. The Miz and Maryse as well as her sister on RAW with Ronda Rousey. My guess is baby number two could be on the way sooner rather than later making it difficult to imagine another Bella Twins run after 2019.

Personally, I have little to no interest in seeing The Bella Twins become the first ever women’s tag team champions. I want a full-time, visible, and deserving team to hold those honors. Thank U, Next.


6. Nia Jax and Tamina

Next up is this dominant duo, which will be very difficult for any team to defeat. The two largest women on the roster – who happen to be cousins – have teamed up and will be a devastating force within this division. There is no doubt in my mind this tandem will be champions at some point, but should they be the first?

The Rock connection always looms large with both of these women and will always be a tally in their favor in any argument. They are one of the more believable teams and it would be easy to book them dominating the other factions in the division. This duo may be the one set of true heels that will likely set foot inside Elimination Chamber. Other teams like The IIconics and The Riott Squad would illicit positive reactions from smarkier crowds.

I think this pairing is deserving of a slot within the Elimination Chamber, but I do not want them to win.


5. Alexa Bliss and Mickie James

With Alexa Bliss being recently cleared for an in ring return this gives this entertaining duo a case to be part of the festivities at Elimination Chamber. Any listener of the podcast knows how I feel about these two women and I would happily celebrate them being the first ever women’s tag team champions.

The case is easy for this duo. Alexa Bliss is one of the biggest stars in the company, so her involvement in anything creates interest and buzz around it. Her promos are elite, some may even say she is best female promo of all-time. That would be me, I’m saying that. And of course Mickie James is a legend in the industry and still can go with the best of the best. She has mostly been underutilized since her return to WWE a few years ago, but I think that says more about the depth of young stars they have on the roster than her.

I would be happy if Alexa and Mickie were the inaugural champions, but I think WWE can do better, so on we go.


4. The Riott Squad

This trio has come a long way since their initial call up to SmackDown Live nearly two years ago. As is well documented on the podcast, I was never a big believer in their longevity as a stable. Have they reached great heights? No. But they have been a valuable part of the show and been involved in some entertaining feuds and segments. There was only so far they could go as a group without tag championships to chase. And now those titles have arrived and there is a lot of potential with The Riott Squad.

Being a trio, the Freebird Rule would be in effect meaning Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, or Liv Morgan could defend the championships at any time should they win them. We have seen the likes of The New Day have great success with this rule, but we have also seen it be the demise of some factions like the Wyatt Family featuring Randy Orton. Ruby is clearly the star and centerpiece of this team and them winning the championships would mean more time for her to be featured before her eventual big time push.

I have come around on the Riott Squad and want them to hold these championships several times in the future, but I do not think they would be the correct choice as the first ever champions.


3. The IIconics

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are incredibly entertaining and have gotten better and better the more we get exposed to them. They had a lot of fine tuning to do in NXT and became the best part of the women’s division there for some time before being called up to SmackDown Live last year. Much like The Riott Squad, there is only so far this tandem can go without tag championships, so this is an exciting time to be a fan of the IIconics.

We only seem to be blessed with an appearance on television from The IIconics about once a month lately, which is a major drag. Podcast listeners know that when Kay and Royce get time they always deliver and JC usually rewards them with his Comeback (I can talk in the third person, deal with it). These two are the most natural and charismatic female duo in WWE and would be perfect candidates to lead this division. They give off “LayCool” vibes, which we know can work very effectively.

These two deserve these championships as much as anyone and will get them. I just don’t think it will or should be first. They have not been established enough recently and with not a lot of time left before Elimination Chamber, it would be difficult to give them the build they deserve now.


2. Sasha Banks and Bayley

Arguably the best choice to win the first ever women’s tag team championships would be The Boss and Hug Connection. Two of the biggest stars in the division who are close friends on screen and in real life. Their chemistry is great and the WWE Universe loves them.

Sasha and Bayley would bring true star power to the titles and would bring a lot of positive exposure to a new division as we head towards WrestleMania. Sasha Banks is likely headed towards a loss at the Royal Rumble against Ronda Rousey and a tag team championship victory a few weeks later at Elimination Chamber would be a strong way to keep her momentum going. This tandem would be capable of putting on high level matches night in and night out to add even more excitement to having women’s tag team championships.

I would be completely okay with The Boss and Hug Connection winning, but I think having them continue their chase into Wrestlemania and winning the championships there would be even better.


1. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

This may be a surprise for some of you given the teams we already discussed in this article, but I believe Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville should be the first ever women’s tag team champions.

Besides Sasha Banks and Bayley, this duo has more momentum in terms of exposure and story lines than any other group. Mandy Rose has been having a feud with Naomi on social media for months and it has finally spilled over into WWE television. Sonya Deville has also been right at her friend’s side and even had some smack talk with Carmella in recent weeks.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are both superstars WWE has big plans for. Single pushes are on the horizon for both of them, but that time isn’t now. The easiest way to continue the development of these characters is to have them be a focal point of the women’s tag team division. They teased their split last year, but then abandoned that soon after starting it (hmm sounds like a few teams on this list). Now the two real life best friends are once again on the same page and ready for the next step in their careers.

I love this duo together. To a quick observer they do not seem like they go together, but their differences in character and look are why I love the pairing. Beauty and brawn often go well together, and in this case I think those titles are interchangeable for both these women. Mandy is pushed like the “diva type” female, but she is incredibly strong as you can see from her past in weightlifting and her workout videos.

I think the time is now for Mandy and Sonya because it is their turn to make some history and surprise many along the way. Shock value is always a good tactic in wrestling and it is hard to pull a fast one on the fans nowadays, but this team being the first ever women’s tag team champions would accomplish just that.

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