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The Departure of Dean Ambrose and Rebirth of Jonathan Good

He entered the WWE as the charismatic mouthpiece of The Shield, but make no mistake, Dean Ambrose was never a “team” player.

He was always his own man.

Early in The Shield’s tenure, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns seemed to march more to his beat than he to theirs. The first title awarded to the triumvirate of chaos was achieved by Ambrose, with a lengthy run as United States Champion. As their dominance continued, Rollins was referred to as the “Architect” and Reigns was labeled “The Big Dog,” seemingly pushing Ambrose to third-wheel status.

Perhaps the writing on the wall should have been seen by Ambrose at that time, but there was still a fracture in the group to come. Logically, it made sense for a disenfranchised “Lunatic Fringe” to dissolve the Hounds Of Justice to roam the WWE as a rabid heel. Instead, Vince McMahon gave Rollins latex clothing and a WWE Championship reign.

Ambrose was left without direction. For Good, this was once the genesis of one of the greatest hardcore grapplers of our generation.

Jon Moxley, to be blunt, just didn’t give a fuck. He was paid by promoters to cause bloody mayhem, and Moxley complied with deliberate intent. Indie babyfaces like Drake Younger and Roderick Strong had the fear of Moxley drilled into them in the form of staple guns and kitchen utensils. His feud with Homicide set new lows in common decency and took years off of each other’s lives in the process. The original Ohio Vs. Everybody was born through the Switchblade Conspiracy team of Death Machine Sami Callihan and Cincinnati’s own Moxley. Here is a brilliant example of Moxley’s insanity:

The hardcore life is not necessarily a bill-payer. Good began to receive offers from more reputable organizations. He had a cup of tea in TNA as a part of a Tough Enough-esque tournament, and then made his way to Florida Championship Wrestling (WWE’s Developmental, pre-NXT). Christened as Dean Ambrose, his now-PG rated debut promo let the world know that instability had entered. A war of words with Mick Foley began, and soon Ambrose was main-roster bound.

Fast-forward to 2019. The previous year saw Jonathan Good nearly succumb to a horrific infection following arm surgery. His character went from finally becoming WWE Champion, to a comedy reign, to a lackluster IC Champ, to reluctant Shield unifyer, to an antiseptic heel trolling Rollins.

His work became lethargic, and now we know why.

Good is done with WWE after Wrestlemania when his contract is up. With his gradual descent from conquering the odds to cosplaying Bane during this current phase, clearly, McMahon lost interest in one of his most expensive commodities. The lure of All Elite Wrestling may be the logical landing spot for the soon-to-be-former Ambrose. However, he once worked some dark matches for Ring Of Honor, and their roster has been depleted due to the formation of AEW. His wife Renee Young has been voicing kayfabe displeasure with announcing colleague Corey Graves, and they are likely a package deal wherever he signs. Young would be as strong an addition to an organization as Good is, and they will not be free agents for long. Here’s wishing for the best for the premiere husband/wife combo in professional wrestling!