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NXT Recap 2/13: Tag Team Division Is Strong As Ever

Wednesday night means it’s time for the black and gold brand!

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Shane Thorne

Good to see Shane Thorne getting some action now that Nick Miller is gone. This match started off pretty sloppy, even Nigel called out Shane Thorne’s “uneducated feet” when he gave Dijakovic a very messy barrage of kicks. 

After he recovered, it was all Dijakovic.  A lot of great fluid offense by the Croatian, as he was able to show off his outstanding offense.  Dijakovic nailed an amazing top-rope corkscrew plancha to the outside, followed by the Feast Your Eyes for the finish.

The Undisputed Era with a backstage segment about how they had a rough start to 2019.  It bothered me that all of their shirts still had the reflective WWE stickers on them.  That, and they all had their Undisputed Era armbands on different arms, but I digress.  Looks like Fish and O’Reilly are back as a tag team, and Strong and Cole will be heading for singles gold. Definitely the way it should be!  Good segment keeping the faction relevant, as they have cooled off quite a bit recently.

Quick recap of the 6-woman tag match from last week.  Io Shirai said she knows she can hang with Shayna, and she is coming for the NXT Women’s title.  Bianca Belair interrupted to tell Io that she wouldn’t have won if it wasn’t for the work that she put in, and that it is her NXT Women’s Championship.  Looks like we might get a match between them before Takeover: New York.

Before our next match, Kassius Ohno comes out to cut a promo against the Full Sail crowd.  He went off on all of their chants and their faces.  He came out to say that he is leaving NXT to show that he is the best.  Unfortunately for Ohno, he was interrupted by a spinning elbow by Keith Lee, who took the mic out of his knocked out hands.  He talked a little trash, and apologized to the crowd for the interruption.  Now, back to the regularly scheduled match.

Humberto Carillo and Stacey Ervin Jr. vs. Street Profits

I really don’t think there is a team anywhere in WWE that is as charismatic as Street Profits.  This match was a little more back and forth than I expected, but it was a really good display for the Profits following their loss to the Forgotten Sons.  We saw a lot more of a physical style by the Street Profits today, as they have a lot to prove in the tag team division.  One of the highlights of this match was the ridiculous Tsunamisault by Ervin Jr.  For those not educated on Ervin, he was a gymnast before WWE, so the athleticism is certainly there and it showed with that move.  Street Profits finished the match off with the Super Blockbuster, and immediately grabbed a mic.  It was definitely not the best promo, very old school and a lot of yelling.  

Not their best at all, which was kind of disappointing.  They were quickly interrupted by a barrage of teams who think they should be next in line, as Aichner/Barthel and Lorcan/Burch all came out.  Just when it looked like a brawl was going to start, the War Raiders music hit.  The Raiders came out and said that there was a lot of talk and no fighting, so told them to make a move.  As the Raiders made their way down the ramp, they were blindsided by the Undisputed Era, which resulted in an all-out brawl with the War Raiders standing tall.  The Tag-Team division is looking really strong in NXT.  It will be interesting to see where this goes, and who eventually will get to challenge the War Raiders at Takeover: New York. 

Quick clip about Johnny Gargano and his trip to the North American Championship and his weekend in Phoenix, which lead into the preview of next week’s North American Championship match between Gargano and the Velveteen Dream!  I cannot wait for that one.

Taynara Conti vs. Aliyah

Not the best display of the NXT Women’s division, but showing off their depth a little more than in past weeks.  Vanessa Borne came out midway to hang out at ringside, and eventually interfered to help Aliyah get the win.  Immediately after the win Shayna Baszler came out as the rest of the women scattered out of the ring.  Shafir and Duke came out and they beat down all of the ladies.  Baszler grabbed a mic, raised the title belt, and said that this is the reality now.  She warned the entire Women’s Locker Room to stay out of her way.  Very heated promo following her loss last week. 

We get a clip of Velveteen Dream talking about pressure, and if he will be able to live up to it.  A quick recap of the Worlds Collide Tournament, along with Dream challenging Gargano for the North American Championship.  Both clips shown tonight are definitely building up a great main event for next week’s episode of NXT.  It will be one not to miss for sure.

Ricochet vs. Adam Cole

Sometimes we complain when we watch Raw and Smackdown that the WWE is giving us a free match that could be on a Pay-Per-View.  When NXT does it, we celebrate, as that certainly is what this matchup was.  Both these main claimed last week that they should be the next in line for the NXT North American Championship.  Ricochet started the match like he was shot out of a cannon.  He got a lot of quick, high risk, offense in, and it appeared that he was quickly in the driver seat.  He quickly got himself caught up in the ropes after falling from the top rope.  Once Cole realized his ankle was injured, the match slowed down to Cole’s pace.  He spent a lot of time picking on Ricochet’s ankle, taking him out of his came completely. Ricochet was able to mount a comeback, but Cole immediately went right back to that injured leg and it was right back to being all Adam Cole.  Ricochet nailed an awesome springboard splash only using one foot.  An amazing display of selling, as many these days would completely ignore all of the work done on that leg and still performed the springboard as normal.

The crowd chanted “fight forever” and I couldn’t agree more.  Ricochet nailed an amazing one-legged Spring-board Frankensteiner, followed by a one-legged ax kick (on his one good leg) and then Vertigo for the finish.  After the bell rang, the Undisputed Era came out to beat down Ricochet.  Aleister Black came out for the save but was no match for the Undisputed Era, as we went off the air with all four members standing tall.

This week was hard to choose an #NeXTlevelperformer.  While Cole and Ricochet put on one hell of a match, I have to give it to the Tag Team division as a whole.  Maybe it has a lot to do with what was said on today’s podcast (listen to it if you haven’t yet), but the Tag Team divisions in the WWE aren’t the strongest.  Tonight displayed that the NXT Tag Division is as strong as ever. The War Raiders have a lot of great competition in the waiting, and the next few weeks will hopefully show it off more.

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