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NXT UK Recap 2/20: Did Toni Storm Retain Over Rhea Ripley?

This week’s episode started off with Mark Andrews and Morgan Webster against Mark and Joe Coffey. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed with this match. I was expecting a high adrenaline match but there wasn’t really much of that. There were also two minor botches during the matches. The first was when Morgan tried to do a spring board drop kick while Joe was on the apron. The kicker though, Joe was not in the spot he was needing to be in. It wasn’t the worst of things, but there was a reaction from the crowd. The second one was a botched Stun Dog Millionaire that came nowhere close to connecting on the chin. Once again, not huge botches, but with no real highlights in the match those two moments did stand out. The finish of the match was Webster receiving a forearm from Mark Coffey followed by Joe delivering his discuss clothesline for the pin.

After the match was three promos. The first was for Nina Samuels. All we got here was just a couple of different random spots of her in a theatrical theme. With it ending saying the Nina Samuels show is about to begin. Next Promo was for Jordan Devlin. Devlin isn’t done with Travis Banks. Not by a long shot. He warns him he better have eyes in the back of his head. This feud could last for the remainder of eternity for all I care. I’m digging what they’re doing with these two guys. The last promo was for Kay Lee Ray. She says she’s here, and going straight to the top. They did a good job with the women’s promos. They’re not anything impressive on the mic so they kept their spots short and sweet. There is presence is now known.

Following that we got our second match of the night: Trent Seven went up against Shane Thorne. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Seven in a singles match since the original NXT UK Championship Tournament. There was a spot in the match where Seven had Thorne in a figure-four leg-lock and Thorne broke the hold by rolling out of the ring onto the floor with submission still intact. That thud made me cringe, but other than that the match was decent. Seven pinned Thorne after connecting with the Seven Stars Lariat.

Jack Gallagher shot a promo that was filmed earlier today backstage. He mentions he is going to meet up with Johnny Saint regarding being part of the brand. I really hope they get something going with him. It seemed he was going to go straight to the top while he was all new and shiny in the Cruiserweight Tournament they held a couple of years ago. Now he’s just there. Doing nothing really. This is followed by a promo from Joseph Conners. He says Ligero caught him on an off day when he beat him and advises that he’s still better. This another guy who kind of got a push during the NXT UK Tournament. This was Michael Cole’s pick to win the entire tournament. And now he’s just there, shooting promos.

Next the Grizzled Young Veterans came out to the ring calling out Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. And by that I mean Zack Gibson, because Drake still hasn’t said a single word since he’s been teamed up with Gibson. Lorcan and Burch come out. Burch says they don’t have to wait until next week and come to the ring but Gibson and Drake exit immediately. This should be an awesome match, but Lorcan is from the United States. Which kind of defeats the purpose of competing for the having UK Tag Team Belts. Pete Dunne has been in the same situation defending his UK Title. Oh well.

After that we got some announcements for upcoming matches next week. First is Tyler Bate vs Jack Gallagher. Second is WALTER vs Ohno. And the third is the Grizzled Young Veterans vs Lorcan and Burch. I’m sure WALTER will win his match, but NXT UK have pulled away from having straight up squash matches lately. This week also ended the streak of not having WALTER in the spotlight in some fashion.

Our main event was next where Rhea Ripley took on Toni Storm for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Ripley attacked Storm from behind before the match started and pretty much dominated this entire match. Storm had a couple of spots but Ripley would quickly take over the match. In the end Storm out of nowhere put Ripley in the Storm Zero and won. I mean this really came out of nowhere with Ripley dominating the match. I was shocked how it just ended all of a sudden. It wasn’t a bad match though. I have no clue who is going to be the next No. 1 contender for the title unless they just keep pushing this feud.

And that wraps it up for this week’s NXT UK. Next week we have Bate vs Gallagher, WALTER vs Ohno, and Orcan and Burch vs the Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT UK Tag Titles.

I would be perfectly happy if we just had three quality matches with no promos next week. They definitely have the card to do so. But when was the last time WWE didn’t have a promo on one of their shows? Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!