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Project: Ciampa’s Return

Nothing derails a WWE Superstar’s career more than an injury during a key title run.  Finn Balor injured himself while winning the WWE Universal Championship, and is still trying to recover his momentum with creative.  Seth Rollins was on the best run of his career (at the time) and was forced to relinquish the title in 2015 when he blew out his knee.  I thought things couldn’t get worse, and then I read about Tommaso Ciampa’s neck injury.

Ciampa has been on the ride of his life, being a part of probably one of the greatest NXT feuds of all time, which really got its grounds in the Cruiserweight Classic back in 2016.  Ciampa’s feud with Johnny Gargano put together some of the most compelling matches that we have seen in the WWE in quite some time, to the point that even my wife found herself stopping what she was doing to watch it.

This morning, my brother (@DQoftheJK) and I launched into a discussion of how Ciampa should come back.   It sucks that we won’t get to see Johnny Gargano dethrone Ciampa at Takeover: New York (as it looks like they would have inevitably done). 

I don’t think that Ciampa returns to NXT.  In fact, the timeline that is rumored is 6-14 months.  Neck injuries are pretty serious, so you can probably guess that we are looking at the later time of that timeline.  Where does that lead Ciampa? Right around Wrestlemania season.  This is probably my favorite time for a superstar to return, as it opens so many fresh feuds, or in what I think, rekindling a major feud with a former foe.

DQ’s Dream Return

This rivalry – which has lasted more than three years – has been all about Ciampa stealing “his moment” from Johnny Gargano. Everyone talks about having their “Wrestlemania Moment,” so there’s only one REAL place for this rivalry to continue.

Picture this. . . Johnny Gargano is on the verge of winning his first singles title on the main roster in a grueling ladder match for the Intercontinental of United States Title (you decide).

As he slowly climbs the ladder to claim the title and his Wrestlemania moment, the crowd is going wild. Then, Ciampa emerges from the crowd and tips the ladder over, costing Gargano.

The next night, Gargano calls Ciampa out, but we get him via satellite instead. He reminds Gargano about HIS Wrestlemania moment when he cost his former friend. Johnny Wrestling is furious and wants a piece of Ciampa, but the former NXT Champion explains that he isn’t cleared yet and is still at least two months away from returning. This would inevitably lead to a must-see match at Summerslam.

TJ’s Dream Return

Like mentioned above, with the timeline predicted, a Wrestlemania season return seems perfect.  Everyone will be expecting him for a rumble return, but he won’t make it.  His foe, Johnny Gargano, on the other-hand will make an all time Rumble performance.  We are talking starting off number one or two, and making it all the way to the final 4.  Only for a returning Ciampa to make a run from the crowd and ruin this run.  Now, Gargano is once again screwed over by Ciampa, and now the story is written for Ciampa and Gargano for Wrestlemania.  Naturally, Ciampa can milk that he hasn’t been cleared to wrestle, which will keep the two from getting physical until Wrestlemania.  This certainly is a great possibility, and this could be the match that puts the end on a feud that we will be talking about for years to come.  I think that the inevitable Johnny vs Ciampa match for the NXT title was going to cap off their feud, and now that it won’t happen, a Wrestlemania 36 match could be it.  I can see it being the opening match, and potentially the match that steals the entire show.

Both of these theories are valid, and that’s what makes wrestling so fun.  That is what makes Danny and I the most fun to read Tag Team’s in Wrestling Blog history.  Of course, check back here for more wrestling news and insight, as well as follow both of us on twitter at @TJoftheJK and @DQoftheJK