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NXT UK Recap 3/6: Devlin and Banks End Show With A Bang

This week’s episode started with Ligero vs. Joseph Conners. I wasn’t personally excited for this match but this was entertaining. The chemistry between the two worked well. It was a pretty 50/50 match throughout. There was a spot where Conners had Ligero in a side-suplex that turned into some form of face plant , that made me yell ‘WOAH!’ out loud.

The crowd seemed to really enjoy this match too. In the end, Ligero won with pin roll up combo that my brain could not compute. I wanted to go back and rewind it but I decided to just enjoy it as if I just saw a magic trick. It’s not every day I’m impressed with how someone gets pinned. After the match, Ligero offered a handshake but Conners declined. Something tells me this isn’t over yet.

Next was a handful of promos.

First was Toni Storm. During it, she had a pretty awkward laugh that seemed a little forced. At the end though, she asked, “What’s next for Toni Storm?”, and walked off, with Jinny behind her from a distance.

The next promo was for ‘Wild Boar’ Hitchman and ‘Primate’ Melrose. They’ll be competing in two weeks. I just can’t take these guys seriously. During their promo there was a quick shot of them in the ring with Gibson and Drake. And the face on Gibson says it all. What are they? Who are they?

After that was a promo from Gallus. They want Pete Dunne and WALTER. Nothing more. Nothing less there. Right after this, WALTER is asked backstage about the challenge. Which he just stared then walked off. So that means WALTER’s streak of speaking comes to an end at 1 episode.

The second match of the show was Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley vs. Aichner and Barthel. I had a pretty good laugh with Stoker and Howley. Nigel said to quote from the two, “We are two exceptional tasty dishes that can also embarrassingly kick anyone’s ass without even messing up our hair.” Even the way they walked they acted like they were too cool for school. But recess ended very quick for the two. Aichner and Barthel destroyed them. We did get to see that awesome gorilla press thrown into the brain buster combo. Aichner did some adjustments tonight but it was by no means any less impressive. If anything he held the guy up A LOT longer than usual. These guys are crazy talented and I think would make awesome tag champs.

After a super fast promo for Nina Samuels and Kay Lee Ray, we have our third match with Charlie Morgan vs. Nina Samuels. Not really a lot to say here. The match was obviously to show off Samuels, there just wasn’t a lot to show off really. A few minutes later, Samuels wins with her Primadonna neck breaker for the win.

After the match was a quick promo from Pete Dunne. He doesn’t care if WALTER is with him or not. He advises the next time he’s in the ring with Gallus, it will be the last.

For the main event we had the privilege of watching Travis Banks vs. Jordan Devlin in a no DQ/Falls Count Anywhere match. This was probably the best match I’ve seen on the show. The match started outside the ring in the ramp – full throttle. This quickly went into the crowd. This segment of the match ended with Banks jumping about 10 feet in the air and landing very gracefully onto Devlin. This turned into a tour around the ring. These two beat the hell out of each non stop. The disappointing part of the match though, is that it had to end. But it did end with an exclamation point as Devlin hit Banks with a Spanish fly from the outside apron onto a table. You don’t get up from that. Vic Joseph commented after the match that Devlin continues to prove he is the MVP of NXT UK, and I am 100% on board with that.

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. Next week we have Pete Dunne and WALTER vs. the Coffey Brothers and so far that’s the only announced match. I’m guessing at the end of that match they’ll get the ball rolling for their match at the next NXT UK: TakeOver. Which I’m assuming is WrestleMania weekend. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!