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NXT UK Recap 3/20: Ohno wins, Dunne and WALTER on Collision Course

This week’s episode started with Johnny Saint and Sid Scala in the ring to a announce that Pete Dunne will defend his title at NXT TakeOver: New York. Pete Dunne immediately comes to the ring and tells them that he wants WALTER and then exits the ring. The odd thing about this, is that TakeOver: New York is for the original NXT, not NXT UK. Why not have another NXT UK TakeOver PPV for Wrestlemania weekend?

After that announcement was a backstage segment of Toni Storm talking to reporters. She said Jinny and her are different but both want the gold. While she was leaving the interview, Rhea Ripley comes up to the reporters and challenges Xia Brookside.

The first match of the show was Eddie Dennis vs. Ligero. Ligero started out aggressive but soon after the match was pretty even. Dennis ended up winning with a pretty impressive flow of moves at the end. This started with a delayed brain buster while standing on the second turn buckle, followed by crucifix power-bomb into the turnbuckle , then finalized with his Neck Stop Breaker finisher. Dennis could have probably ended this match after the brain buster.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan had a segment following the match. Jordan said they should have a shot at the Titles after winning two matches in a row. He’s also still persistent on Williams to start dancing with him. Is this going to be the climax to their story when he finally gives in?

Stoker and Howley graced us with their presence for a consecutive week. This time against Wild Boar and Primate, aka The Hunt. I’m enjoying Nigel’s interest with Stoker and Howley on how good looking they are. It’s too bad that their being used as jobbers though. This wasn’t a bad match though. The Hunt didn’t act too inhuman, which is what I was worried about. The Hunt won with a pop up from Wild Boar that transitioned to a side suplex from Primate. I got to say, the tag team chemistry of The Hunt was a lot better than what I was expecting.

The third match of the show was Kassius Ohno vs. Ashton Smith. Ohno got a big pop as soon as his music started. After his promo from last week, it was pretty obvious Ohno is a heel now. But Ohno came out in the most non-heel way. No taunting the crowd. No type of anything derogatory. Also, the two started the match with a fist bump. Ohno won with his rip cord elbow to the back of Smith’s head. After the match, Ohno checked on Smith to make sure he was OK. He eventually helped him up and offered another fist bump, but was denied. Ohno retaliated with a discus elbow. While Ohno was leaving the ring, Travis Banks came to the ring to check on Smith. The way this whole match played out, it makes me wonder what exactly type of angle they are doing with Ohno. I’m just glad they aren’t using him as a jobber anymore.

Gallus had a promo after the match. And by that, I mean Joe did all the talking while the other two sat with him at some restaurant . He said they need to establish dominance and need to stay on top. Which for starters, they could start by helping each other win matches by breaking the rules when they can. As heels do. Just a thought.

The main event of the show was Tyler Bate vs. James Drake. This match was an all around great match. The crowd was fully invested in this match. There was a spot where the crowd was singing “He’s got his own face, on his ass” to the tune of “He’s got the whole world in his hands”. There was also an “ass face” chant, as the way the “Goooooooldberg” chant is done. I had some pretty good laughs with this. And the reason being behind this, of course, is because Drake’s face was on the back of his trunks. The match ended with Drake missing a 450 splash. Bate capitalized with an exploder into the turnbuckle, then followed by corkscrew splash.

As the show was coming to an end, we see WALTER walking out of management’s office. Scala announces that WALTER will face Pete Dunne at NXT TakeOver: New York.

And that wraps up this week’s episode of NXT UK. There was no announcements for any matches for next week’s show. But I’m sure they’ll have to get the ball rolling with the WALTER/Dunne match for TakeOver: New York. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!