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NXT UK Recap 3/27: Vocal Crowd Adds To A Great Show

This week’s episode started with Jordan Devlin vs. Dan Moloney. And let me tell you, this crowd was fully invested from start to finish for the entire outing. Making what was already an above average show even better. Throughout the match, the crowd was inharmoniously chanting “Dan!”. This match could have easily been a squash match but Devlin made it entertaining . Moloney got a couple of good chops in and the crowd was eating it up. There was also a spot where Devlin fell out of the ring very awkwardly that gave me a good laugh. This is on top of me laughing throughout the match with the “Dan!” chants. In the end though, Devlin wins with a headbutt followed by his signature rip cord high angle side-suplex. If only all squash matches could be this good.

Right after the match, Kassius Ohno comes out and apologizes for his actions to Ashton Smith last week. But he admits he couldn’t help himself because it was too gratifying. He lets the crowd know he could have went anywhere but NXT UK chose him and gave him a great offer. Ohno also calls out Travis Banks. During this promo, the crowd is raining down heavy boos. Ohno is doing a great job embracing the hate and selling himself as a heel. I’ve always liked Ohno but I think this is his calling.

We got two more promos after Ohno. One was a short segment from Dave Mastiff. Where he basically kept saying to never show weakness. So he entered strength competitions. Nothing much more to say about that one. The next promo was for Jinny. Who was in India to represent NXT UK. Jinny says they asked her instead of Toni Storm because she is a better wrestler and more marketable. She also advises us that she will be taking the title from Storm. This was a great overall promo from Jinny. We also get word that Jinny will be facing Storm for the title in two weeks.

The next match of the night was Xia Brookside vs. Rhea Ripley. Xia did a great job selling herself as the underdog here. She was all rainbows and sunshine coming out to the ring. But as soon as Ripley’s music hit, that all completely changed. I was worried this was going to be a lopsided match but there was good chemistry going on here. It was your cat-and-mouse scenario and both ladies had multiple spots to showcase. Ripley eventually came out on top with her Riptide. After the match, Ripley got on the mic and said she is the dominant woman in the division. This is soon interrupted by the debut of Piper Niven. Who hasn’t been seen in WWE since the first Mae Young Classic. As a Niven gets in the ring, Ripley exits. Niven gets on the mic and advises she is the dominant one.

After the match we got a couple more promos. Isla Dawn says she is excited to have another Scottish native join NXT UK. Kay Lee Ray quickly interrupts and says just because they are from the same place doesn’t mean they are in any partnership . Next was a montage on how unstoppable WALTER is. Then we got word from Trent Seven saying how proud he is of Tyler Bate. Then he calls out Joe Coffey. The final promo of the batch was for Aichner and Barthel. They are watching the promo of Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams from last week on a cell phone. They are not amused and say there is nothing funny about this business and our here to change the NXT Universe.

The final match of the show was Mark Andrews vs. Noam Dar. The crowd was back at it being vocal throughout the match. Most of this consisted of “AH!” chants whenever Dar did basically anything. This eventually shifted to “This is AH-some!” chants. The crowd was amazing this show. And so was this match. There was a lot of reversals and fast paced action throughout. Sadly though, the match ended in a no contest due to double injury during a failed attempt on a Reverse Rana from Andrews. We got a double thumbs up though from both while they were getting stretchered out.

To close out the show was the contract signing with WALTER and Pete Dunne for their title match at NXT TakeOver: New York. This was thankfully short and sweet. WALTER was asked if he had anything to say. Which his was response was signing the contract. Dunne had some words though. He said not only does the WWE Universe want this match, but he also wants this match. He reminds us he has been champ for 674 days, that NXT UK belongs to him, and always will be his. While Dunne was getting ready to walk out the ring, WALTER grabbed the mic and said he could put Dunne through the table if he wanted to and that his time is up.

This week’s show was better than usual. Thanks in part to that great vocal crowd. Next week we have two matches already announced with Isla Dawn vs. Kay Lee Ray and also Trent Seven vs. Joe Coffey. And don’t forget Jinny vs. Toni Storm for the Women’s NXT UK Title in two weeks. Expect some things to go down between WALTER and Dunne before their big match at TakeOver. And that wraps it up for this week’s NXT UK. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!