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NXT Recap 3/27: Gaining Momentum For Takeover: New York

We kick the show off with Adam Cole coming to the ring.  He reminds us what happened in last week’s Fatal Five-Way match.  He claims to have over a million reasons why he will beat Johnny Gargano at Takeover, and he called out Gargano.

The two superstars paused and listened, as the crowd dueled with “Johnny Wrestling” and “Adam Cole” chants.  Eventually Cole said that he didn’t need the fans, only to be cut off by Gargano who said that he loved the “Johnny Wrestling” chants. Johnny eventually stopped the fans, as he was curious what the million ways he was going to beat him.  Hilariously, the crowd responded with “ARMBAR” in a fun Y2J reference. 

This was probably the strongest promo by both of these stars during their time in NXT.  Cole showed his passion in a very cocky heel way, while Gargano talked about how he started from the bottom and had to earn his contract, while Cole was given the red carpet.  It ended with the Undisputed Era joining Cole on the stage, saying that not only will the 2 out of 3 Falls match be conclusive, it will be UNDISPUTED.

Great promo by both of these stars, I certainly am more pumped for this match than I was before, as with short-notice for getting this going, they are doing a great job making this feud’s lead up #SUPAHHAWTFIYAH.

Vanessa Borne and Aliyah vs.  Lacey Lane and Kacy Catanzaro

Kacy channeling that Ninja Warrior theme and entered the ring by climbing the ring post.  I mean, that was pretty unique. Other than a cool springboard armdrag by Lacey Lane, that was about it for this match, as the greenness of the NXT Women’s division continues to show itself.  The match was eventually interrupted by Shayna Baszler and company, as they let Aliyah and Borne escape while they attacked Lacey and Kacy.  Kacy was able to get some offense in on Baszler, however it was short lived as she was ultimately choked out.  Baszler went to the announce table and shouted into Watson’s mic that these attacks will continue to happen until she gets respect.

Matt Riddle vs. Kona Reeves

This match started off with some very basic back and forth offense, nothing really special to start if off.

This was until Velveteen Dream’s music hit, and 2 ladies dragged out a couch that had Velveteen Dream lying on it with the North American Title while drinking from a chalice.  A hilarious sight, as apparently Dream wanted to get a closer look at his opponent. 

A little more back and forth, before Matt Riddle went to town, hitting his elbows and eventually choking out Reeves.  Dream cut off the ring announcer to announce “Matthew Riddle” as the winner.  Riddle left the ring, and walked up to Dream’s couch.  Dream offered Riddle a drink from the chalice, to which he obliged, threw the cup, and said “see you in New York, Bro.”

Another very short notice feud that we are getting some subtle, yet strong promotion for.  This is something new to NXT, as usually we get a lot of buildup and hype.  They definitely have done a good job audibling to make the card interesting, despite the injuries, as after today’s Main Event, we will have a full Takeover Card.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals: Forgotten Sons vs. Aleister Black and Ricochet

The finals kicked off with a brawl, followed by some fun spots by Ricochet and Black.  It looked like it was going to be all Black and Ricochet, until Jaxson Riker interrupted Ricochet’s back handspring with a forearm to the back.

The Forgotten Sons finally got some offense in, as they kept Ricochet in the ring and showed how great of a Tag Team they are.  For a very short minute, I thought the Forgotten Sons might actually be able to pull this one off, as they displayed classic Tag Team work.  Just when Ricochet was about to make the tag, Black was tugged off the apron.

As predicted with Ricochet and Black, there were a lot of fun spots in this one, including Ricochet getting sling-shot into a hot tag.  Black nailed a really picture perfect springboard Meteora.

It looked like the Forgotten Sons had it in the bag, as Ricochet was thrown hard into the stairs.  Cutler and Blake hit Aleister Black with a back-stabber into an elbow drop.  Black kicked out, and got hit with another high impact move.  Black put his foot on the rope, however Ryker hit his foot off the rope.  This was seen by the referee and he was ejected.  

In all of the confusion, Black and Ricochet hit a Black Mass and a 630 for the victory. 

Ricochet and Aleister Black are heading to Takeover: New York to face War Raiders for the NXT Tag Team Championship.  I am sure that it will be an unbelievable match, however I think we all can agree that War Raiders will leave that one victorious. 

Ricochet and Aleister Celebrated with the trophy and a confetti shower, only to be interrupted by War Raiders.  We ended the show with a faceoff between the two teams in front of the trophy.  A great scene to end the show on, as we have one more week until Takeover.

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