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Reasons Why Triple H Should Be Done Wrestling

By Kay Fabe

Do you feel like Triple H is taking someone’s spot at Wrestlemania?

Because I sure feel like he fucking is! He’s done. His time is up and someone else’s time is now. And no, I’m not talking about John Cena.

Imagine being at your work, slaving away every day, all year long and then when the most important event of the year comes along, your boss. . . your mentor who’s been helping you all the way takes your spot!

Now you gotta sit on the sidelines and watch as this old hack goes out there just for one more moment in the sun. . . even though he’s already had plenty.

It’s so crazy too, Hunter is the guy building all this young talent up, but he’s taking a spot away from them at the biggest show of the year.

Triple H has been in seven WrestleMania main-events! SEVEN! Count them FUCKING SEVEN WrestleMania main events. Second only to Hulk Hogan!!! That’s insane.

He’s fought the Undertaker three times on the grandest stage of them all as well. And been in countless others including all of the recent ones. He main evented the show with Roman Reigns three years ago (one of the worst main-events in WWE history).

Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a bad wrestler or promo. But is he a top-10 wrestler all-time? Top-20? Maybe, MAYBE top-30. Maybe.

He’s not deserving of a match every year. More importantly, does anyone want it? Probably not.

The last match he should have had at WrestleMania was vs. Daniel Bryan. The story made sense and helped build the drama of the night. That should have been his final Mania.

Reasons he should give it up.

1) He’s too old. He’s facing Bautista this year. Yuck! I’m done with old man matches especially since this feud is getting so much time.

(Remember that Sting match too… BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

2) He was never the greatest. Again, he’s a fine wrestler. But I’d never pay money to see him wrestle again. His character was at its peak during The McMahon-Helmsley Era, and that was almost 20 years ago.

3) He’s taking a spot on the card and TV time away from young talent on the road to WrestleMania. His match this year is considered high profile for some unknown reason. No one cares about this story. Meanwhile, the USOs have never had a noteworthy match at the Showcase of Immortals, and they might be the best tag team in WWE history. And yes, Jimmy and Jey will probably have a match, but it won’t have the build or the weight behind it that Hunters match has.

Finally, I’d like to think he’s not the one asking for the match every year. Maybe it’s just Vince thinking he needs Hunter to make the event feel big. But if it is HHH asking for these matches… SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! The Game needs to hang it up.

Let the JobberKnocker crew if you agree or disagree.