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What is the worst Wrestlemania ever?

I’ve sat through five of the Worst Wrestlemanias of all time. That’s 16 hours of Mania Madness… and not the good kind. That being said, each of these Wrestlemanias has a big reason for standing out.

Wrestlemania 2 – Three locations, and the production value was really poor.

Wrestlemania 9 – Hogan Ruins the New Generation.

Wrestlemania 11 – No match really delivered & LT headlined instead of full time talent.

Wrestlemania 15 – The worst wrestling on a Wrestlemania ever! Brawl for All and Undertaker vs. Big Boss Man HIAC

Wrestlemania 27 – Rock Returns and he’s more important than the rest of the show.

Now right away I’m going to take Wrestlemania 27 off the table. Although, this night was way too much Rock in an awkward role. There are some real gems. Cody vs. Rey Mysterio, CM Punk vs. Randy Orton, and HHH vs. The Undertaker. If you haven’t seen them do so!

So, we’ve whittled it down to four. What’s great about these four? Not much, but it may help decide overall. Mania 2 had two bright spots, Savage and George Steel was decent, and the Bulldogs winning the tag titles from the Dream Team. Seriously, go back and watch this!

Mania 9 had two decent matches. HBK vs. Tatanka for the IC title in the opener, and the Headshrinkers vs. the Steiners. Go back and watch that four-man car wreck.

Mania 11, LT got a lot of eyeballs on the product and gave a decent effort. Some Say HBK vs. Diesel was the best match on the show.

Mania 15 was headlined by the first Austin vs. Rock match. X-Pac and Shane deserve a lot of credit for putting on a very good match.

I must point out that as a fan I was completely disappointed with all these. I remember watching them live, but as a kid, you really don’t watch this stuff with a critical eye. Wrestlemania 15 was the height of popularity, but man was the wrestling hot smelly garbage. ATTITUDE ERA wrestling was the worst all time. However, this was one of the most profitable, and the crowd seemed to eat up shitty match after shitty match. So, as much as I would love to make this one the worst ever, I can’t. So this one is safe!

Working in the video production world, Wrestlemania 2 really bothered me. I love that they took a risk and had three locations. This was really daring of them. But the fact remains there were so many problems with presentation alone that it will stick with me for a long time. You have to figure in Hogan was on top and they made a lot of money. They packed three locations for a grand attendance of 40,085. You really can’t deny something is working even if I thought this PPV was the drizzling shits. If it wasn’t for the Tag Title match, and the enjoyment of watching Savage and Steele, this would have been the loser. The absurdity of Piper and Mr. T in a boxing match kind of made it fun as well. So Wrestlemania 2, begrudgingly, you are safe!

So, it comes down to this Wrestlemania 9 vs. Wrestlemania 11. Granted the attendance was pretty much the same. So that’s out. The buyrate for Mania 9 was 430,000 vs. Mania 11 that was 340,000. Which meant there was a lot less interest in Mania 11 than 9. It comes down to one simple thing for me. What do I remember from both? The problem for me is I don’t have any memories from 11 at all. I forget pretty much the entire card except the main event. And even then, the main event isn’t that good it’s the worst Wrestlemania main event up to this point.

For Wrestlemania 9, there are a shitload of bad matches. And they stick out like a sore thumb because they are so bad. But I think if we really think about this Pay-Per-View, a lot of the hate stems from Hulk Hogan. His politicking and refusal to give up his spot is legendary. At the outrage of him winning at the end is warranted. Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez might be the worst Mania match ever, but you remember this event for a lot of reasons. I have a lot of memories of this event. I still talk about this event to this day, so do you. You may think it’s the worst and it might be. But to me, the worst is something you can forget about because it doesn’t leave an impression. You want to talk about Mania Moments. There’s Bobby Heenan riding in on a camel, everyone in togas, two Doinks, the tag team title schmoz, Taker and the Giant, and most of all… Hogan winning was a moment. Moments that last a lifetime: good or bad. Wrestlemania is about moments. Creating Moments is why we all tune in on the first weekend in April. Wrestlemania 11 has one moment. That’s it and it took a celebrity to make it.

Wrestlemania 11 you are the Worst Wrestlemania EVER!