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Joestopper’s Cruiserweight Report 4/9: A Premier Title Reign?

Following one of the finest WrestleManias ever, the state of 205 Live seems to be in a state of transition. Buddy Murphy blew into the Purple Brand like a Melbourne monsoon in 2018, ending Cedric Alexander’s long reign atop the Tuesday (then Wednesday, then Tuesday again) 10 pm slot. His championship run saw him halt pushes of Hideo Itami, Akira Tozawa, Kalisto, and the heart of 205 Live, Mustafa Ali. After many new signees were brought in to bolster the show, original CW Classic competitor Tony Nese shocked many by dethroning The Juggernaut cleanly on the WM pre-show. Nese certainly IS a Premier Athlete, but he had not received a push prior to the Top Contender tournament this winter. Let’s find out what GM Drake Maverick has in store tonight… 

A revamped intro airs with Oney Lorcan featured prominently, and strangely does not show Nese holding up the CW belt. Vic Joseph announces that there will be a rematch between Nese and Murphy in the main event tonight. Funny, I didn’t think there WERE automatic rematches anymore? Then again, I don’t feel like much of an authority figure, either, and the McMahons claim that I am. In the words of The Thompson Twins: “LIES, LIES, LIES, YEAH!”

Drew Gulak accompanies Gentleman Jack Gallagher to the ring tonight for the opening match against Humberto Carrillo (whose entrance theme sounds so much like “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” from Ol’ Dirty Bastard), and proceeds to join Joseph, Aiden English, and Nigel McGuinness on commentary. It seems unlikely that Carrillo will ever conform to the ground game philosophy of Gulak, and I’ll be happy when this storyline is scrapped in favor of legitimizing Gulak as a threat. After Gallagher dominates the majority of this match by grounding Carrillo, the young Mexican opens up his aerial offense. Climbing up the ropes to hit his finisher on Gallagher, Gulak pushes him off to give Carrillo the DQ win. He continues to beat on Carrillo, until Gallagher shockingly headbutts Gulak out of the ring; leaving Gulak with seemingly no pupils to teach. 

Murphy does a backstage selfie promo, thanking Nese for answering his challenge. He vows to reclaim his crown, and Nese responds with a promo vowing to once again stop the unstoppable. Once an unstoppable force is stopped, does it become unstoppable force again?

Maverick is shown backstage with Lorcan, and they are interrupted by Alexander. Cedric wants a re-match with Lorcan NEXT week instead of the agreed-upon two weeks. Lorcan then tells the Pride Of 205 Live that he’s come to Tuesday night to fulfill Cedric’s claim that he would rule this show eventually (which explains the “Oney Rules” shirt). Lorcan, in a quick segment, answered the question I had as to why he left NXT. And I’m glad he has shed the “deranged and rabid” gimmick and just let his actions speak for himself.

Murphy struts to the ring, and it just seems weird to not see him with the lavender strap. Nese comes out next, proclaiming that he’s found something better than his abs around his waist. Good for him! Greg Hamilton, apparently recovered from the bullying tactics of Shane McMahon an hour ago, gives the championship intros as only he can (I’m a fan). As the collar & elbow tie-up lasts nearly a minute, the remaining Brooklyn crowd (tired from yelling for CM Punk on Smackdown) starts up a dueling Murphy/Nese chant. Murphy fakes a knee injury out of the corner, and suckers Nese in for a shoulder into the ring post. The Best Kept Secret goes on extended offense with his hybrid style. Nese counters with a corkscrew tope con hilo and nearly throws Murphy into the audience! Murphy attempts a Murphy’s Law from the second rope, but Nese responds with a hurricanrana. Dueling near falls, and Brooklyn is waking up. Buddy hits Murphy’s Law, but Nese kicks out once again and hits consecutive Running Nese to retain his belt. 

My 100% 100 kg Of The Week

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t crazy about Tony Nese getting the chance to defeat Murphy at WM. He hasn’t fleshed out a babyface persona, and that’s how he is being portrayed over this last week. But I give credit where it’s due, and less showboating gives him a better presentation to fans who only know him for his ab content (spoiler: he has more than I do). He stepped up, did a solid job against a great worker in Murphy, and followed it up tonight with a hard-hitting match. Whether or not he returns to his narcissistic tendencies remains to be seen. For this week, it gets no better than the Premier Athlete.