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NXT UK Recap 4/10: Was There A Women’s Championship Makeover?

This week’s episode started with Travis Banks vs. Kassius Ohno. Ohno controlled a lot of this match working on Bank’s injured shoulder. It wasn’t until the second half of the match when Banks started getting in some offense. Which is when the crowd started to get into the match. Banks got away with the win after attempting a backslide pin, then trying a barrel roll pin, and then finally succeeding by dropping his knees on Ohno’s shoulders and bringing his legs to his shoulders for the pin. It took awhile for this match to get rolling, but once it did, it was great.

After the match we got a promo from Jordan Devlin. He’s questioning why there should be a rematch with Dunne and WALTER for the UK Championship when he should be next in line. Which in case you haven’t heard, WALTER defeated Dunne to become the new champion at TakeOver: New York. Ending his 685 day reign. Which makes me wonder if he might be going to go to SmackDown, Raw, or even 205 Live since he lost the title and the Superstar Shakeup starts Monday.

The next match featured Killer Kelly vs. Piper Niven. Which was Niven’s NXT UK debut match. Not a lot happened here. During the entire match, Kelly had this look on her face that she was overwhelmed trying to fend off Niven. The match ended with Niven delivering a running cannonball in the corner followed by a Michinoku Driver. After the match, Rhea Ripley ran to the ring for a sneak attack but Niven spotted her before entering the ring. With nothing else happening after that.

Following the match was a promo from the Grizzled Young Veterans. Gibson says they will issue a non-title challenge but it won’t be open to any ‘yanks’, it’s only for NXT UK members. Which I’m assuming Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams will be the challengers.

The third match of the show was Jack Starz vs. Joseph Conners. This is Starz’s first match since being impaled by WALTER’s slap in his debut match. Starz had a little bit of offense but the most of this match was in favor of Conners. Conners got the win after rolling through a cross body dive from Starz off the top rope and turned it into his Don’t Look Down finisher. I really enjoyed that ending, but other than that, not a lot happened in this match.

The main event of the show was Jinny vs. Toni Storm for the UK Women’s Championship. When Storm came out, she got a good pop from the crowd. Which made realize how dead the crowd was pretty much this whole show. But after Storm’s entrance, the crowd was very vocal for the remainder of the match. This was a good match overall. Nobody really controlled the match throughout. The match really kicked into high gear at the end. The end consisted of Jinny delivering her devastating Makeover face plant from the middle turnbuckle. But Storm was able to put her foot on the rope to prevent getting pinned. Jinny then tried a hurricanrana but Storm countered it into a power slam then followed that into her Storm Zero finisher. Great match but it would have been nice to see the crowd this invested the entire show.

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. So far the only match announced for next week is the Grizzled Young Veterans in an open challenge to the locker room. I’m really hoping they get the ball rolling on Devlin going up against WALTER. But I don’t see him losing that belt anytime soon. Hope you all enjoyed WrestleMania weekend. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!