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NXT Recap 4/17: Undisputed Kickoff To The Reign Of Johnny Champion

We are back to Full Sail Live, as we are all still reeling from the week that was the Superstar Shakeup.  NXT has a brand new intro this week, as the first show after Wrestlemania is usually a fresh start for the Black and Yellow Brand.

We started the show with a graphic that Kairi Sane will get an NXT Title shot tonight.  If Kairi loses, she will never get another NXT Women’s Title Match.  I think we all knew how that match will end, as Kairi debuted on Smackdown Live on Tuesday night. However, that is only one of the TWO championship matches we get tonight.

Velveteen Dream vs. Buddy Murphy

Another match that the ending was semi-spoiled by the Superstar Shakeup this week, however don’t let that take away anything from this match.

This was a match of paces.  Immediately, it started with headlocks and rest holds, however don’t fret, it took a quick turn and switched to a whole new gear.

As it was a homecoming for Buddy Murphy to the Full Sail Crowd, there was a dueling Buddy Murphy/Velveteen chant going on, with at times Murphy winning over most of the NXT Universe.  Murphy lead most of the match with his hard-hitting offense, something that Dream sold unbelievably and made Buddy look like a he could jump up and challenge Kofi next Tuesday!

Murphy had Dream in a sleeper hold, once Dream escaped, he took over.  Dream hit a barrage of offense, only to go for the Dream Valley Drive and be countered. 

The third act of this match brought us a lot of near-falls and high risk.  We saw both superstars fall from the top rope onto the floor and barely get back into the ring.  Murphy kicked out of a Dream Valley Driver, followed by Dream kicking out of a huge power-bomb by Murphy.  Buddy hit Dream with a nasty knee to the head on the apron that Dream sold so perfectly I was convinced he was out.  The count almost hit 10, but Murphy stopped the count so he could drag the lifeless Velveteen Dream back into the ring.  Dream, however, was playing possum, as once in the ring, he hit a Fameasser, followed by the Dream Valley Driver and the Purple Rainmaker Elbow for the victory.

Street Talk with the Street Profits.  The Profits say they are going to make their own opportunities, as they take the cameraman to William Regal’s office. To their surprise, out came the War Raiders (rocking what looks like brand new War Raiders shirts) who say that they hear the Street Profits, and they get a title shot against the War Raiders next week. 

Time for Johnny Gargano to return to Full Sail as Johnny Champion.  Literally everyone in the crowd has a “Johnny Champion” paper sign.  There was one guy who didn’t look happy, but screw him!  Johnny came out humble, and was talking about his journey, but inevitably he was interrupted by the Undisputed Era, sans Roderick Strong.  Adam Cole says that any other match he would be champion, and that he is currently the Un-Crowned Champion.  Johnny ran down everything that happened at NXT Takeover: New York, and said that the results of that match were not only definitive, they were Undisputed.  Gargano challenged Adam Cole to come down, only to be blindsided from behind by Roderick Strong.  The Undisputed Era beat down Gargano, as Cole finished him off with a Superkick.  This feud does not look like it is over by any means.

Aaron Frye vs. Dominik Dijakovic

Dijakovic rocking the shiny new gear that he presumably was ready for the Takeover pre-show against Lee, however injury has presumably ended that feud before it started, just like this match.  Dijakovic ended the match with a kick to the head in under 10 seconds. 

Dijakovic cut a promo about his family, saying their sacrifices are what brought him to NXT. 

He said that he is looking at the North American Championship, and that the Velveteen Dream should Feast his Eyes.

Cathy Kelley is backstage with Adam Cole.  William Regal interrupted and said that Johnny Gargano asked for a match against Roderick Strong next week on NXT.  Adam Cole looked perplexed as to why he didn’t get that match.

We get a quick summary of the long feud between Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane, as we prepare for our Main Event.

Aliyah and Vanessa Borne say that last week Aliyah was distracted by the fun in New York and was not focused on her match with Candice LaRae.  Next week, they challenged Candice to find a tag-team partner to face them.

Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler

Kairi looked emotional, as she certainly knew this was her last match at Full Sail.

Kairi got in a lot of quick offense, grounding Baszler really early on.  Sane really dominated most of the match, until she missed a flying elbow outside the ring and hit her elbow on the barricade.  After that Baszler started to slowly pick her apart, working on that damaged elbow.  The referee called for the doctor, and it looked like they were going to stop the match.  Io Shirai came down to cheer on Kairi.  Baszler dragged Kairi back into the ring, and was ready to smash Kairi’s elbow, but Io came in for the save, and thus disqualifying Kairi, who can never challenge for the NXT Women’s Championship again. What’s worse, is Baszler still smashed the elbow, while the horsewomen held Io back. 


I gave the shout out on Twitter to this match, so I have to stick with it here.  Velveteen Dream and Buddy Murphy had an outstanding match that took up almost half of the program.  I love when NXT allows these guys to go out and have amazing matches for us on regular programming.  They’ve been pretty consistent on giving us great North American Championship matches, and hopefully they will continue to do so.