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NXT Recap 4/24: Trouble Brewing For Undisputed Era?

Last week saw the start of a new season of NXT. This week, we get going in high gear as we move forward. 

Jaxson Ryker vs. Humberto Carrillo

I said a few weeks back that Lorcan and Burch needed a friend to assist them in their feud against The Forgotten Sons, I think this match helped them find their friend!

Carrillo’s unique offense has been on display recently on 205 Live. He got a bit of offense in, but this match was mostly about him getting a beating. Eventually Lorcan and Burch made the save, looks like this feud is getting some fuel now.

Adam Cole was getting some photos taken, and expressed some frustration that Roddy was getting a match with Gargano. Matt Riddle made some jokes about Cole being jealous. He brushed it off and told Riddle to just enjoy his photo shoot. 

Vanessa Borne and Aliyah vs. Candice LaRae and Kacy Catanzaro

This match was a good display of the future of the Women’s division in NXT. Certainly one of those matches that I have to remind myself that it is still technically developmental. 

Catanzaro started the match for her team. While she took quite the beating, she got in some innovative offense in. 

Eventually she tagged in LeRae, who went on the offensive and finished the match with the Lionsault. 

Overall I was really impressed. Normally I would be agitated that the Star/best wrestler in the ring barely got time, however it got Aliyah, Borne and Catanzaro some quality screen and ring time. 

Io Shirai was backstage, and was assaulted by Shayna Baszler and Company. . . enough said

Kassius Ohno was backstage with his NXT UK shirt, congratulating William Regal on signing KUSHIDA. Looks like we will be getting Ohno vs. KUSHIDA coming up soon.

Street Profits vs. War Raiders

Street Profits took no time getting this match started, jumping the War Raiders on the ramp. Just like the previous match was about displaying the Women’s division, this match showed the depth of the NXT Tag Division. The War Raiders appears to have their time in NXT dwindling, as they were now the The Viking Experience/Viking Raiders on Raw.

This was actually an outstanding match. The Street Profits, as always, had some fun energy in their offense. This paired really well with the War Raiders unique style. The Raiders ended up winning, however I don’t see this being the Profits’ last display on the big stage.

Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong 

This match is exactly what you would expect when you see it on paper. Roderick Strong easily could be a top talent in NXT. Getting paired in this match with Johnny Gargano helped both of these stars, and damn it was a great match! Lots of great technical mat wrestling at the beginning. In the tail end of this match it felt like I was playing WWE 2K19, legit 8 moves were countered in one sequence. In the end the Undisputed Era came out to run interference and Matt Riddle came out for the save. In the melee, Adam Cole inadvertently hit Strong with an enziguri and Johnny Gargano nailed the slingshot spear for the victory.

After the match, there was a lot of heat between Roddy and Adam Cole. Not sure where this is going, however it’ll be hard to be draped in gold if they’re fighting each other!

That’s all for this week! Tune in every week for my weekly recap, and follow me on Twitter at @TJoftheJK .