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NXT Review 5/1: Great Scott! Kushida Has Arrived In NXT

It’s time for another exciting week from the black and gold brand.  On this week’s episode, we get the debut of Kushida, along with some more great action. 

Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch and Humberto Carillo vs. The Forgotten Sons

This match has been building for quite some time, as the Forgotten Sons have been utilizing their numbers to get to Lorcan and Burch.  However, now that we have added Humberto Carillo to the mix we have a 6-Man Tag (with a story, so it can be Nestle approved!)

I was pretty impressed  overall with this match.  The clash of styles was glaring, however we got to see a different side of Cutler and Blake.  Both played the technical game with Lorcan and Burch, as well as utilizing their power game.  Things went downhill for Lorcan/Burch/Carillo when Humberto hit a suicide dive and took out Lorcan.  The Forgotten Sons took advantage and went three-on-one against Danny Burch.  Carillo tried to make the save, but it was too late, as the Forgotten Sons stood tall.

Shayna Baszler and the Horsewomen are coming in backstage being asked about their attack last week.  It got heated when Baszler was called out for not having pinned Io, yet Io pinned her. 

We get a clip from the performance center as things get heated between Mia Yim and Bianca Belair.  Looks like this will lead to a match next week on NXT.  Always nice to see Robbie Brookside on TV though!

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Mansoor

Mansoor got in a lot more offense than I thought he would to start the match, only to be unceremoniously thrown out of the ring.  Dijakovic got in some offense, which only lead to a lot of back and forth.  Mansoor actually had a much better showing in this match than I ever imagined.  He put in some very unique offense, however he was defeated by the unstoppable force that is Dominik Dijakovic. 

While Dijakovic posed down with his victory, Velveteen Dream was carried out by his ladies on his couch.  The Dream cut came out and cut a pretty horrible rendition of the Dream’s Anthem (played to the US National Anthem.)  Let’s just say, we should all hope that Velveteen Dream doesn’t sing again any time soon.

Backstage interview with the Undisputed Era, discussing next week’s main event between Adam Cole and Matt Riddle.  They are trash talking, before Cole says that Strong dropped the ball.  Looks like the rift in the Undisputed Era between Cole and Strong will continue.

Kushida vs. Kassius Ohno

Kassius Ohno continues his role as the Jobber to the debuting stars.  As much as TJ from 10 years ago would be upset at this, I think this is the perfect role for Ohno.  While it gets redundant and we know that when William Regal gets a ‘Shiny New Toy’ that Kassius Ohno won’t be far, Ohno gives them a run for their money, and makes them look damn good in the match!

This was no exception for Kushida.  While I was surprised that Kushida didn’t debut at a Takeover like many highly touted signings, I appreciated this platform.  Both these men put together a great matchup to display to the audience that doesn’t know Kushida.

Ultimately, as we all expected, Kushida got the victory with the hoverboard lock (JC might need a pop culture guide to get all of Mauro’s Back to the Future references with Kushida around.)


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this has got to go to Mansoor this week.  When he came out, and I found out he was going up against Dijakovic, I figured he was jobbing.  The moment he ducked the kick at the beginning, he displayed that something else that made him this week’s #NeXTLevelPerformance.  Once he is fully ready to go, he will fit in great on 205 Live for sure.

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