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NXT UK Review 5/1: Entertaining From Start To Finish

This week’s episode was entertaining from start to finish. Thanks to a fully invested audience that was vocal the ENTIRE time. They had a response for absolutely everything. Be it slap, body slam, or finisher. Nothing went unnoticed. There was never a second where they seemed not interested in whatever was going on in the ring. From the crowd, to the matches, to the promos, and the dynamic of Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness on commentary, everything was a complete package this time around.

The first match of the show was Travis Banks vs. Mansoor. This was Mansoor’s NXT UK debut and he left a good first impression. During the match, Banks delivered one of the most ferocious suicide dives I can think of in recent memory that looked like it took off Mansoor’s head. And as stated earlier, the crowd was fully invested which made the moment even better. Banks ends up with the win after delivering his Kiwi Crusher.

After the match was a couple of promos. First up was Xia Brookside. She lets us know even though lost to Rhea Ripley, she will take it as positive. This spot didn’t last long, but Brookside’s personality is so infectious and charming you just believe everything she says and you can’t help but support her. Next up we get word that Dragunov is coming soon to NXT UK. The final segment of this package is for Nina Samuels. She reminds us she has done nothing but win and now has her eyes set on the women’s title. She says that Toni Storm is not a leading lady and that the Nina Samuels Show is about to begin.

Following that was the second match of the show with Piper Niven vs. Reina Gonzalez. This match consisted of two Mae Young Classic alumni and was Gonzalez’s NXT UK debut as well. This wasn’t a bad match and that crowd once again kept this match fun. Niven wins with her Michinoku driver finisher.

Some more promos followed afterwards. First was for Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan. They said they have their doubters but hard work has paid off and our still wanting a shot at the tag titles. I got to say, this promo for them was a lot better than their previous ones. It was a lot more organic and they seem to be meshing better together. Next was a spot for Gallus. They remind us that this is still their kingdom and that next week NXT UK is returning home to Glasgow. We then get news that Johnny Saint, via tweet, that the Grizzled Young Veterans will defend their titles against Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan in the main event. Me personally, I don’t see Williams and Jordan as champs. But I can also see the Veterans splitting up and letting Gibson start doing his own thing. Seeing as he already does literally 100% of the talking for the group. NXT UK is a little short in the tag team department though.

The main event was Jordan Devlin vs. WALTER. WALTER got a pretty nice pop when his music hit. When the match started, the crowd started chanting “WALTER’s going to kill you”. But I knew deep down, Devlin was going to put on a show. And that he did. This was an excellent match throughout. WALTER also got one massive slap in that made the crowd go nuts. After a great effort from Devlin, WALTER would eventually come out with the victory after delivering his powerbomb.

Following the match, Pete Dunne came to the ring and asked for a rematch for the title. WALTER nodded in approval.

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. Experiencing the crowd alone made this episode enjoyable. Next week we have Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan challenging the Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Let’s hope that energy from the crowd carries over to next week. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!