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NXT Review 5/8: Hair-raising Start And Strong Finish

Ladies and gentlemen it is time for the Black and Gold brand, AKA the best brand in WWE. 

Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair

Started off as an even matchup, even the crowd was mixed as we started with a dueling Mia/EST chant.  These ladies matched wits and strengths at the start, however when Yim went for a handshake Belair was not having it and went full heel for the match. 

Belair continues to utilize the strength game which I feel like she needs to use as her main offense, as this is something she has that some of the other ladies of NXT have.  Bianca got the win by holding on to the ropes WITH HER HAIR.  Definitely a unique finish, shocked they used it on NXT and not a Takeover match.  I’m sure these two aren’t done, as there was a lot of trash talked between the two during the match.

Footage of the Viking Raiders walking out of Full-Sail, only to be attacked by the Forgotten Sons in a legit “drive by” attack. The Viking Raiders will address this situation, as well as their NXT Tag Team Championships next week.

Clips of Shafir and Duke sparring at the Performance Center (very awkwardly I might add) with Baszler in the middle refereeing.  During the sparring session, Io Shirai attacked Baszler and a big scuffle ensued. 

Raul Mendoza vs. Riddick Moss

It has been a while since I have seen Riddick Moss.  Coming back from injury, we heard all about the “Riddick Regimen.” Throughout the match, he was stretching, meditating, hydrating, and massaging his muscles. 

Overall this was a pretty sloppy match.  Mendoza was not accurate with a lot of his Lucha, most notably a cross-body that Moss caught him around his knees instead of chest height.  Moss was very big and clunky, but at least he sold really well! Mendoza won the match with a sling-shot corkscrew in an okay match.

Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole

A match that very well could be a future NXT Championship match, and we get it on NXT TV!

This was the match that Matt Riddle needed to really legitimize himself.  He took a tough loss at Takeover, so he needs a good road to recovery to put himself back up at the top.  Adam Cole, while not having the best Win-Loss record in NXT, has been a great match machine, making himself look good, and his opponents looking even better.

Lots of fun spots in this match including Riddle ducking a kick into a smooth German Suplex in a way that only Chris Benoit could do (that’s right, I said it.)  At one point, Adam Cole did what every single one of Riddle’s opponents should do: stomped his bare feet!  Towards the end, there was an amazing sequence that started with Riddle countering a Canadian Destroyer, ultimately to receive the Last Shot and KICK OUT OF IT. 

Roderick Strong came down to help Cole up, despite their issues last week.  Roddy got the Original Bro back in the ring only for Cole to hit him with a Superkick.  It looked like the match was over, but Riddle kicked out and rolled Cole into the BroMission and getting Cole to tap out. 

After the match, Cole and Strong had to be separated by Fish and O’Reilly.  The four ended up leaving without physicality. 


Adam Cole BAY BAY!  NXT is so tough for me, I really enjoy both Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano, and both deserve the title.  Adam Cole is just so good, both in the ring and on the mic.  I am shocked that he is still in NXT, but I am completely ok with it, as it allows him to continuously put on outstanding performances for us.