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NXT Review 5/15: Spotlight Continues To Be On The Tag Team Division

Wednesday nights continue to be the best day of WWE television, and this week was no different!  I was actually at these tapings a few weeks ago, and it has been awfully difficult to not spoil it for those fans out there that avoid spoilers, so I am excited to share the next few weeks here on the Jobber Knocker!  You can even play a game of “Where’s Waldo” and see my Jobber Knocker shirt in the top row! (Shameless plug: You can buy one HERE)

We started off on commentary with Mauro and Nigel, as they announce that Percy Watson is leaving NXT for newer projects, but Beth Phoenix will be joining the commentary team.

The Viking Raiders kick off action saying that they have taken on and raided Monday Night Raw, and called out William Regal to the ring, as they had some unfinished business when it came to the NXT Tag Team Titles.  The Raiders tell Regal that since nobody in NXT is worthy of taking the NXT Tag Team Titles from them, that they will be relinquishing the Tag Titles.  As Regal goes to accept the titles, the Street Profits’ music hits. 

The Profits came down saying that a few weeks ago they brought the fight to the Viking Raiders.  They laid down the challenge for one more title defense.  While the Viking Raiders stared down the Street Profits, Montez Ford said that the Street Profits wanted one more piece of the Viking Raiders, to which Angelo Dawkins added “if that’s your real name.” The Viking Raiders snatched their title belts back and ordered Regal to make the match. 

We get a exclusive of Adam Cole and Roderick Strong fighting backstage last week.  Adam Cole was being interviewed with Fish and O’Reilly, when a who bunch of people were running in the background towards something going on.  Walking in the opposite direction was Roderick Strong carrying a bloody flip-flop.  He told Cole that he took care of his Matt Riddle problem, as Cole handed him a new Undisputed Era armband.  Things are heating up in that feud for sure!

Cezar Bononi vs. Keith Lee

Excited to see Keith Lee return from his minor injury, sadly his feud with Dominik Dijakovic is now halted once again by injury.  Watching Keith Lee matches are like watching a more athletic Mark Henry.  Bononi served as a jobber in this match, as we were quickly reminded of the talent of Keith Lee.  NXT is stacked right now, and I fear he might get lost in the shuffle.  Hopefully he can pull himself into the North American Title picture at least.  He can hold his own in the NXT Title picture too though, so watch out and Bask in his Glory!

We get the clip from last week of Io Shirai attacking the Horsewomen during the sparring match at the Performance Center.  Cathy Kelley was backstage outside Regal’s office, announcing that Io Shirai and Shayna Baszler will be meeting at NXT Takeover for the NXT Women’s Championship.  While this announcement was going down, the Forgotten Sons stormed into Regal’s office, upset that the Street Profits were handed a title shot. 

Kona Reeves vs. KUSHIDA

Nigel and Mauro keep the Back to the Future references going this week.  This wasn’t a bad match by any means, in fact I thought that Kona Reeves actually looked pretty good.  Drew Gulak made his way out to the stage, which distracted KUSHIDA a bit.  This gave Reeves the advantage, and the ability to show off what he has to offer. Eventually KUSHIDA was able to get Reeves to tapout to the Hoverboard Lock.  KUSHIDA called out Drew Gulak, however he didn’t look impressed, and walked away. 

Bianca Belair is backstage with Cathy Kelley on her way to ask William Regal for a title opportunity.  Mia Yim walked out of Regal’s office letting Belair know she wasn’t asking for a title shot, instead she asked for a rematch against Belair.  Shout-out to Mia Yim for rocking the TuPac shirt too!

Matt Riddle is backstage icing his midsection down while talking to Johnny Gargano.  Gargano lets us know that at NXT Takeover it will be Gargano vs Cole; one more time.

Vanessa Borne vs. Jessie

I have not been a fan of Vanessa Borne during her recent stint in NXT.  This match actually wasn’t horrible.  The first act she had a pretty strong performance, playing the heel well.  She botched a bump and went face-first into the second rope which was pretty hard to watch, but overall put forward a good performance.

I’m enjoying seeing the depth of the Women’s division lately.  This was the second week in a row that we have had matches that didn’t involve the Women’s Champion, or her cronies.  Also to note, we have multiple women’s feuds going on in NXT at this time, something we aren’t seeing on the main roster!

Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders

The Full Sail crowd was firmly behind the Street Profits, as I think everyone felt it was their time to shine.  Their first match was outstanding, so this one promised to be a great one.  The match started off with two VERY close near-falls by the Street Profits, followed by a HUGE splash by Montez Ford.  When I say that he almost hit the scaffolding with that jump, I am not exaggerating.  That man gets some height off the top rope!

Unfortunately, the Forgotten Son’s ruined the match by attacking the War Raiders.  An all out brawl between the three teams occurred.  Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch inserted themselves, as they certainly weren’t done with the Forgotten Sons by any means.

Even more unfortunate, Burch and Lorcan  originally came down for the save, instead they got the full beatdown from the Viking Raiders for ruining the match.  The Viking Raiders ended the show laying down the Tag Team Titles and bowing down to the crowd at Full Sail.  Looks like Takeover will get interesting for the Tag Team Division, as we will be crowning a new champ!


This episode was ALL about the Street Profits.  The crowd was fully behind them from beginning to end, and while their match wasn’t long, or even able to get a finish, they completely owned this week.  This team is destined for great things, and Montez Ford is going to be a huge star one day! 

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