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NXT UK Review 5/22: Solid Matches. . . But Controversial Endings

This week’s episode started off with Travis Banks vs. Joseph Conners in a qualifying match for the final spot in the fatal four way match. I thought this was by far Conner’s best match since being on the NXT UK brand. Banks though would come out on top with his Kiwi Crusher finisher. Following the match, Banks is asked how he fancies his chances in the fatal four way match. Banks says he’ll be the new #1 contender. On a side note: Banks mentioned the other three competitors during his interview, with Coffey getting the biggest pop when he was mentioned. So this Gallus hysteria is still in full effect.

After this we got a Nina Samuels promo. She tells us that Toni Storm is the easiest puppet to manipulate and that she shouldn’t have to ask for a title opportunity. She also advises that her next crowning achievement will be the NXT UK Women’s Championship .

The second match of the show was the rematch of Mark Andrews vs Noam Dar due to their double injury no contest two months ago. This was a great all around match. Near the end of the match, Andrews connected with Noam Dar while diving to the outside of the ring. This appeared to re-injure Dar’s knee. Once back in the ring, the ref and Andrews checked on Dar to see if he was ok. Andrews ,though, made the wrong decision and turned his back on Dar. Once this happened, Dar got up and attacked Andrews from behind. The crowd absolutely loved this. Dar would follow up on this with his with his Nova Roller kick for the win.

Following this were three promos. First off, the Grizzled Young Veterans were asked how they felt about Moustache Mountain calling them out. The first person to speak regarding this was James Drake. I repeat. James Drake said a word during a promo!! He only said a quick sentence, but it’s nice to have him actually say at least one word during a segment. Gibson would then comment and say that Moustache Mountain don’t make the matches around here and neither do the fans. Next, Rhea Ripley comes to the ring and says that Niven reeks of fear and only talks about Ripley. She adds that when you step in the ring with her nightmares become realities. Last, we have Ohno going into the manager’s office uninvited. Scala says that next week Ohno will take on Jack Gallagher to prove he is greatest in British wrestling. Ohno walks out of the office seeming extremely happy with this. I got to say, Ohno has been delivering some pretty solid promos since turning heel.

The main event followed with Pete Dunne vs WALTER for NXT UK Championship. The crowd was already lively throughout the show, but they cranked it up a notch for this match. The match was maybe half as long, if not shorter, than their match at TakeOver, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Dunne would focus on WALTER’s hand. At the end of match, Dunne had WALTER in a joint manipulation hold on his hand, Fabian Aichner came to the ring and pushed the rope closer to WALTER so he could break the hold. While the ref was arguing with Aichner, Barthel came from behind and hit Dunne with the belt. WALTER would then deliver his powerbomb for the win. After the match, all three would stand together in the middle of the ring and receive some pretty heavy boos.

And that wraps it up for this week’s show. All three matches were pretty solid despite the last two having controversial endings. Next week we have Kassius Ohno vs Jack Gallagher and Nina Samuels vs Toni Storm for the Women’s Championship in the main event. In two weeks we have Joe Coffey, Travis Banks, Dave Mastiff, and Jordan Devlin in a fatal four match to decide the next #1 contender. As always, thanks for reading and long live wrestling!.