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NXT Review 5/22: A Dream Match Coming

Wednesday night means it’s time for the BEST brand in WWE, the Black and Yellow Brand!  

We started off the night with a quick recap of last week’s matchup between the Street Profits and Viking Raiders, and the brouhaha that ensued after!  

Regal was up next.  He announced that the vacant NXT Championships will be up for grabs at NXT Takeover 25, as the Street Profits, Forgotten Sons, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, as well as the Undisputed Era (Fish and O’Reilly) will compete for Tag Team supremacy.  

Time to head over to Full Sail, as the Undisputed Era made their way down the ramp.  Adam Cole said that the Undisputed Era isn’t going anywhere, and continued to say that the Undisputed Era will be draped in NXT gold.  Just when Cole got going, he was interrupted by Johnny Gargano’s music.

Gargano came down and accepted Cole’s challenge for the NXT Championship.  Cole continued to bring up the fact that he beat Johnny in the first fall.  Gargano, in a hilariously condescending rant, told Cole that he obviously didn’t “shock the school system” and broke down the math of winning a 2 out of 3 Falls match.  Cole wasn’t having it at all, however just when he got going Matt Riddle came down to break it up.  A brawl ensued between the strange bedfellows of Gargano and Riddle against the Undisputed Era.  Pretty sure you can predict this, but Gargano and Riddle are going to take on the Undisputed Era tonight in the main event!

Sean Maluta vs. Mansoor

Mansoor continues to impress me.  In what was not a horrible match, Mansoor was able to take out Sean Maluta.  What this match does that the big boys don’t do, establish new stars with short matches that maybe we all don’t necessarily care about at first.  I admit it, when I first heard Sean Maluta’s entrance at Full Sail, I wasn’t fully interested, however I was glad that I watched, because Mansoor seems to really put on great stuff on NXT and 205Live (shoutout to Joe and his weekly review!)

Cathy Kelley was outside Regal’s office as we hear a LOT of yelling.  The Undisputed Era came out seemingly happy.  They were quickly followed by William Regal, who announced that Matt Riddle will take on Roderick Strong at NXT Takeover 25.  In addition, he announced that the main event for tonight’s episode will be (as I predicted) Gargano and Riddle vs. the Undisputed Era (Fish and O’Reilly.)

Velveteen Dream is on his way out to address the future of the NXT North American Championship.  Dream is looking dapper as always, came out and made some innuendo comments about wanting to “touch the dream, hold the dream” and “being too big to hold.”  He was immediately cut off by the sound of camera’s fluttering and a familiar music, as Prince Pretty himself came out to interrupt.  That’s right! Tyler Breeze is back in NXT.  I can tell you, the pop live was huge, as Full Sail still loves them some Prince Pretty!

Breeze announced that he was home, and referenced that after he left NXT he was replaced by wannabe acts like the Velveteen Dream.  Dream said that he didn’t have time for Breeze, making comments like he couldn’t hack it on Raw and Smackdown! Live, and that he was too busy playing Cops and Robbers.  

Breeze said that it wasn’t that he couldn’t hack it, but that he was uninspired.  What inspires him, is an opportunity at the North American Championship.  Dream told him to get in line, but before he leaves that he could take a selfie with the champ.  Breeze won the verbal exchange when he took a jab at Dream wearing his phone number on his pants and not getting the call up, and hit him with his phone.  Looks like NXT pulled a quick audible from what their original trend for the North American Championship with Breeze.  I’m ok with it if it is Dream vs. Breeze at NXT Takeover 25, it gives Breeze a good shot at a spotlight, and gives Dream a good veteran presence to take on.  That’s right, Tyler Breeze can be called a veteran now.

Cathy Kelley catches Tyler Breeze backstage and asks why he attacked the Velveteen Dream.  He just says he wanted to introduce the Dream to a very inspired Prince Pretty!  

Candice LaRae vs. Reina Gonzalez

In a match between two alumna of the Mae Young Classic, these two ladies put on a match.  This is one of those matches that I have to remind myself that it is still technically a developmental brand.  There were a few periods of time that I felt bad for Candice.  She certainly has wrestled with the best, including some of the best Men.  On the flip side, Reina Gonzalez had some good spurts of being able to show the same power and strength that Nia Jax shows.  With some work she could be great, so keep an eye out for her.  In the end, Candice won the match with a Lionsault.

After the match, Shayna Baszler and the Horsewomen came down and surrounded the ring in an attempt to beat down Candice.  Their attempt was thwarted by Io Shirai and a Kendo Stick.  Baszler and company took a beating, as they scrambled away as Io comforted Candice.

We get a preview of next week.  We are getting Mia Yim vs Bianca Belair, as well as KUSHIDA vs. Drew Gulak.

Matt Riddle and Johnny Gargano vs. The Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)

Gargano and Riddle started the match off arguing a bit over who was going to start the match off, teasing a potential issue between the two.  

I feel like any tag match that involves Fish and O’Reilly is usually gold.  Adding the unique styles of Gargano and Riddle to the match made things even more interesting.  While it wasn’t match of the year by any means, Gargano and Riddle held their own and showed why they are in the top tier in NXT.  Gargano continued to single handedly take out the Undisputed Era, as he utilized multiple moves to take out both men, including his DDT/Inziguri combo. 

Fish and O’Reilly got a near fall with the Kiss of the Dragon.  They went for the Up and Down, but were countered.  There were a few moments that it looked like Riddle had the match in the bag, but just couldn’t get the victory.  

Cole came down and distracted Gargano, as Gargano hit Cole with a suicide dive.  While the referee was distracted, Strong came out of the crowd and took out Matt Riddle, as Fish and O’Reilly hit the Up and Down on Riddle for the victory.  The Undisputed Era stood tall as NXT went off the air. 


While this show wasn’t as match heavy as usual, I am going to give this one to Fish and O’Reilly.  Like I said before, they are gold.  Even though they were champs for a while, I feel like they are destined for much more.  They are among the best Tag Teams of ALL TIME, but they are also among the best single wrestlers out there.  I think what they have showed the WWE Universe is just the tip of the iceberg.  I’m hoping (since WWE reads the JobberKnocker too) that these two finally get the big stage that they deserve.   It would be even cool to see a breakdown of Undisputed Era for the NXT Championship.  A 4-Way between Cole/Strong/Fish/O’Reilly would be a dream for a wrestling fan like myself!

That’s all for this episode.  For more insight and wrestling thoughts, follow me on Twitter at @TJoftheJK