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TJ’s NXT Takeover: XXV Preview

Looking at this show on paper, NXT has put together an outstanding card for us. With all of the buzz from Double or Nothing last week, I think NXT will keep us talking! Not one match on this card says “meh.” That being said, the lead up to NXT Takeover 25 has been very minimal. Here’s your quick preview!

Matt Riddle vs Roderick Strong

Anyone who saw Riddle and Strong’s matchup in Evolve knows this match should be a great one. I feel like Roderick Strong has been held back since in NXT. While he has been in some great matches, I don’t think the WWE audience has seen his full potential. On the same token, a lot of people have fallen off of the Matt Riddle train as of late. That being said, these two are going to put on a great match, although one can expect it to end messy with some interference from the Undisputed Era. If you really want to get pumped though, watch their Evolve match, because I think they are going to try to outdo themselves!


Velveteen Dream vs. Tyler Breeze

While this match has had zero to no build, these two are going to rock the house. One can expect that the Dream will mock Breeze in his entrance in some form. What I believe will make this match solid is it is between two men who feel they have something to prove. Tyler has been floundering on the main roster, and really has been lost since Fandango was injured. He also fell short on winning the NXT Championship during his NXT run, so capturing this title would be something big for him. Dream, on the other hand, is continuing to cement his legacy of stealing the show at NXT Takeover shows.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. the Street Profits vs. The Undisputed Era vs. The Forgotten Sons

This match has had a long, slow build to it that makes it extremely exciting. The Forgotten Sons have had feuds with the Street Profits (that culminated in a match before NXT Takeover: Phoenix) as well as Lorcan and Burch. Their feud with Lorcan and Burch is the one that I think have put them over the top as a physical tag team, and make them legitimate contenders. The Street Profits have to be the sentimental favorite, as the Full Sail crowd has been fully behind the Street Profits on NXT TV. And then there is the Undisputed Era. They are looking for their return to tag-team gold, and if Adam Cole’s prophecy is true, they will walk away with the gold. This match will be pretty intense, I think there will be “third man” additions to the match in Jaxson Ryker, Humberto Carrillo, Roderick Strong (which could bring Matt Riddle depending on how clean their match is.) Undisputed Era will walk off with this one, to start the beginning of Undisputed Era’s dominance.

Shayna Baszler vs. Io Shirai

Another match that we have been long awaiting. Io pinned Shayna in a tag match before NXT Takeover: New York, to which we all thought she would get her opportunity at the title. While she did, it was in a Fatal Four Way match, to which she didn’t come out victorious. Shayna Baszler has never looked better as a heel, and I really don’t want her reign to end. Io got some reassurance this week when Candice said that she has her back in this match, as Baszler will have her Horsewomen with her. The numbers are still odd, which leads me to think that we might see a return (Kairi Sane) or a debut to come to help Candice fend off the Horsewomen. I hope the schmoz that is the side act doesn’t take away from what should be a great match. I think it is Io’s time, even if she is a transitional champion.

Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole

I don’t want Johnny Gargano’s title reign to end so shortly, but I think that this night is the night for the Undisputed Era. In a match between two of my favorite superstars in WWE right now, with no gimmicks attached, should be a potential for match of the year. That’s right, these two might out-do themselves from their match at NXT Takeover: New York. During the hype video, Gargano called out Adam Cole for not being able to win the match on his own, so I am hoping there isn’t any doubt to this match. That being said, I think Nestle’s proposition that Strong interferes to help Cole win to push Undisputed Era over the top.

Hopefully this card lives up to how the card is on paper. If it does, it will most certainly cap off what was an amazing week of wrestling. It is such an amazing time to be a wrestling fan, so enjoy yourselves. I’ll have a full recap up next for you next week!