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NXT Review 6/5: Takeover Hangover

It’s Takeover Hangover day here on the Black and Gold Brand. Wednesday night brought us some recap and aftermath from Saturday night’s action, with a couple of matches sprinkled in. Here’s the action and review of the aftermath.

Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves

It was awesome getting to see Keith Lee perform on the big stage in front of the Takeover crowd. On the same token, the team at NXT is very high on Kona Reeves, so good to get him this experience. Reeves is a natural, sniveling heel. In this match, he was annoyed by Keith Lee’s smooth and cocky offense, so he faked a knee injury. Lee always impresses me, but in this match I will say; Kona Reeves isn’t that bad. I’m usually really critical, but he held his own. This match was clearly to get Keith Lee back to relevance after he was hindered by injury a few weeks back. Lee ended up with the victory, as predicted. Hopefully on the next round of NXT we get to see more of Lee, as he is looking really great. I think the WWE Universe is ready to Bask in his Glory!

We get a quick recap of the Women’s Championship match, followed by Io going backstage after her attack. A camera man catches Io and Candice going and asked what her attack was all about. She replied “I am done with Shayna.” I think we are all very happy to hear this, as we want more Io vs Shayna. Next week we will get Io Shirai and Candice LaRea vs. Marina Shafir and Jassamyn Duke, we’ll see if Io keeps up her mean streak next week!
Next up are the highlights of that outstanding 4-Way Ladder Match. Such an emotional moment, seeing a team that has climbed the ranks in NXT to get their spot. Cameras caught up with the Street Profits backstage, as they celebrate this big win, even including the Exclusive camera man! They said he was there since day 1, in what was a fun moment. The camera even accidentally caught a glimpse of Bianca Belair waiting to congratulate Montez Ford for his title win.

Tyler Breeze was backstage after a highlight reel of his match will Velveteen Dream. He tells us that he has respect for the Velveteen Dream. Breeze said there is a lot that has changed in NXT since he left, but confirms that he is back in NXT, and more will change.

Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair

I don’t think that Bianca Belair gets she isn’t undefeated anymore. She’s been submitted, she’s been pinned, time for a new catchphrase. But I digress. This was the rubber match between these two Superstars. This match was, at times, an awkward brawl. Lots of physicality and action outside the ring. Belair got frustrated towards the end, as she had 2 near falls. This frustration allowed Mia Yim to gain the advantage, as she was able to get the finish with the ‘Break yo Necc’ from the top rope! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Mia Yim pinned Bianca Belair 2 times in the last 2 weeks. My how the mighty have fallen! It will be interesting to see where this puts Mia Yim moving forward.

Next up, we get Cathy Kelly backstage with Drew Gulak from last week. Gulak is insulted that KUSHIDA is considered one of the best submission wrestlers in the world, but Gulak says he is the best submission wrestler in the WWE (I think Daniel Bryan would have something to say about that.) Gulak challenged KUSHIDA to a submission match next week, as in their last match KUSHIDA “took the easy way out” and pinned him.

Also next week, we will get Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong. Bobby Fish was hurt in the ladder match, so we will see what direction the Undisputed Era goes next.

We finished the night with the alternative footage and recap of Saturday nights main event. Even in the truncated version, it is still match of the year. The bar has been set high, we’ll see how NXT reaches for it, because I don’t think the Raw and Smackdown! Superstars are up to the task right now!