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NXT UK Review 6/12: Imperium Makes Another Statement

This week’s episode started with Xia Brookside and Isla Dawn vs Jinny and Jazzy Gabert. Jinny started the match first but wasn’t able to get any offense going. So she had to tag in her new insurance policy. After that, it was all Gabert going forward. after Gabert delivered her Omega Slam finisher, Jinny asked to be tagged back in so she could get the pin.

Following this was a couple of promos. First up was Ligero. He let us know the reason behind wearing a mask was because he had some insecurities growing up. He was born with his right eye closed and had to have surgery when he was 8 years old to get it fixed. So he wears the mask to help with his confidence. Next was Kenny Williams. He said Dar is a chancer regarding his antics against Mark Andrews but still likes him. He said he has a match with Kassius Ohno next week but isn’t relying on being a chancer. He just has to stay lucky. I’m no manager, but I’m not sure if that’s a good strategy…

After this was the second match of the show with Dragunov vs Joseph Conners. There was a lot of physicality going on here but nothing to really write home about. Dragunov would get the win after delivering a Death Valley Driver into the turnbuckles followed by his Torpedo Moskau.

We got some more promos following this. Toni Storm says there is a lot of pressure being the champion but she loves it. She brought of Kay Lee Ray but mentioned everyone is welcome for a match. Then we got a segment with Travis Banks. He he is a different person outside of the ring. He said he is pretty chill when he’s not wrestling because he has a strong work ethic. Banks also mentioned he was not happy missing the first UK TakeOver due to Devlin’s attack from behind. And last we have The Hunt, who advises Gallus that next week the hunt is on. This is followed by a lot of grunts and noises after they walk away from the camera. I never thought I’d say this, but that Hunt promo may have been the most interesting non wrestling spot of the whole show.

The main event was British Strong Style vs the Imperium. No surprise here, this match was awesome! The Imperium seemed to have control for the the first half but eventually Strong Style started getting the upper hand. Once it seemed that Strong Style was closing in on the victory, a masked man came to the ring which distracted the ref. This led to Trent Seven accidentally knocking the ref out of the ring. The masked man entered the ring, revealing himself as Alexander Wolfe and delivered a sit down powerbomb to Bate. WALTER would push the ref back in the ring so the Imperium could get the win, with Wolfe joining the other members of the Imperium in the ring after the match.

And that wraps it up for this week’s NXT UK. Next week we have Kenny Williams vs Kassius Ohno and also a Battle Royal to decide the next #1 contender for the Women’s UK Championship. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!